Broken Strings Folk Punk Campout!

Posted By on August 27, 2015

Tickets are now on sale for BrokenStrings Music Fest and campout! The event is in Sacramento, CA September 25th-27th. Broken Strings is an incredible folk-punk campout at beautiful Camp Pollock, a former Boy Scout campground on the banks of the American River. It’s under a mile from downtown Sacramento, and not far from public transportation, […]

Miskatonic Mondays -HP Lovecraft Festival by Radiotheatre

Posted By on August 24, 2015

Lights out, everybody.

On Miskatonic Mondays we celebrate the “weird” fiction of HP Lovecraft and the genre of otherworldly horror it spawned.

The talented storytellers of Frigid, New York’s “Radiotheatre” will be performing a swath of Lovecraftian tales this October at The Kraine Theater. Now in it’s seventh year, the production will run October 1st – 11th, and will be accompanied by an original orchestral score.

Featured in this year’s Festival are:

  • Herbert West: Reanimator – A mad scientist succeeds in raising the dead.
  • He – In Greenwich Village, a man meets a weird fellow who has lived a very long time.
  • Hypnos – A woman in an asylum recounts her life with a visitor from another dimension!
  • The Curse of Yig – The ancient snake god Yig seeks revenge!
  • The Horror at Martin’s Beach – A strange beast terrorizes a beachfront town.
  • The Horror at Red Hook – One of Lovecraft’s most controversial works featuring a police officer who uncovers a frightening cult in 1930s Brooklyn!


  • October 1stThe Horror at Red Hook, Hypnos, and The Curse of Yig
  • October 2ndHe, The Horror at Martin’s Beach, Hypnos, and The Curse of Yig
  • October 3rdHerbert West: Reanimator and Hypnos
  • October 8thThe Horror at Red Hook and He
  • October 9thHerbert West: Reanimator and The Horror at Martin’s Beach
  • October 10thHerbert West: Reanimator and He
  • October 11thThe Horror at Red Hook, The Curse of Yig, and Hypnos

Now in its 11th Season, Radiotheatre has produced over 80 shows in NYC and on tour. They have won two New York Innovative Theatre Awards, with 13 nominations including five years in a row for “Outstanding Performance Group.”

Radiotheatre was also nominated for a 2010 Drama Desk Award for “Outstanding Sound Design” for their production of Frankenstein and Artistic Director Dan Bianchi was awarded the 2014 New York Innovative Theatre Award for “Creative Achievement.”

Tickets are still available and can be purchased at

Digital strategy board game Gremlins, Inc. to launch as feature-complete beta in September

Posted By on August 18, 2015

Gremlins Inc

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA – August 18, 2015 – Independent game developer Charlie Oscar is excited to announce that its digital strategy board game Gremlins, Inc. will be released as a feature-complete beta in late September 2015 priced at £6.99.

Gremlins, Inc. is the result of the creative collaboration between Alexey Bokulev and Sergei Klimov, two games industry veterans who in 2013 set about to develop an entirely original turn-based multiplayer strategy game for PC that would be inspired by classic strategic table top boardgames.

The first official trailer introducing the basic mechanics of the game can be viewed here:

“We have been developing this project for over two years and currently we have fully implemented the core gameplay mechanics of the game. All of the important features are in there with nothing missing”, said Sergei Klimov, the Producer of the game. He continued, “In terms of the user interface, as well as extra features such as special character abilities and crafting, we have reached the point where we need player feedback and solid statistics in order to prioritise certain things over others. We currently have a number of new features in development and we’d love to hear what the community says about them very early on, hence our decision to invite players in to early access now, with the full release expected some time in Q1 2016.”

The September release will see the game coming out for Windows and Mac platforms, with five languages at launch (English, German, French, Spanish and Russian) and more to come in 2016 once the game moves on to the regular store. For more information on the game and the world of Gremlins, Inc. head to

Miskatonic Mondays – Retro "Legends Of Cthulhu" Toys by Warpo

Posted By on August 17, 2015

When you’re making a line of retro action figures, you might as well go whole hog and make your TV spots look suitably retro too—just as Warpo are doing for Legends of Cthulhu figures, and their upcoming gigantic Old One action figure.

John Pyka’s "Tales From The Flip-Side" comes to The Centennial Black Box Theater August 15th

Posted By on August 4, 2015

John PykaWell-known dieselpunk actor, singer, and magician John Pyka is proud to announce an ongoing partnership with the Metro Arts Center to bring his brand new mostly one-man show “Tales From The Flip-Side” to the Centennial Black Box Theater in Nashville on August 15th, 2015.

“I’m very excited about this project,” says John Pyka, who is most well known as his signature character, the 1940s zoot-suited hipster “Big Daddy Cool” Johnny Dellarocca. “It’s been nearly two years since BDC has been seen on a regular basis in Nashville, so it is fun to be able to bring him home for this new monthly series.” Previously John has been seen locally as “Big Daddy Cool” in Music City Magic and The Magic Cabaret.

“This project is different” added Pyka. “Not only will I be performing my award winning magic, I’ll be performing performance pieces pulled from my upcoming book of the same name published by Pro Se Press!” Audiences will get to meet Titanic Thompson, Al Capone, Jack Dempsey, Tahloola Jones, and many more larger than life characters during the 90 minute show. “Don’t call it a magic show. It’s a magical time-travel adventure.”

Tales From The Flip-Side debuts at the Centennial Black Box Theater on Saturday August 15th at 7 PM and will be presented monthly on the 3rd Saturday of every month. “It will be a little bit different show every month too” added Pyka. “New stories and at least one guest performer every month will make this a show that is never the same show twice!”

For the debut performance, general admission tickets are a special Pay What You Can rate ($5 suggested minimum). The show is intended for grown-up audiences, but families are welcome. Seating is limited to 56 seats but can be reserved for $5 each by visiting

For more information contact John Pyka at 615-854-5459.

The success behind Jazz Age on the Delaware

Posted By on August 3, 2015

A very big “thank you” and a tip of the hat to everyone who made Saturday’s Jazz Age on the Delaware event a roaring success! We wrapped up this morning with Good Day Philadelphia, CBS Philly, the Philadelphia Business Journal, and the Metro. Check out our silly pictures at the links below and tell your friends we’ll be back next summer on July 30th, 2016 for another trip back in time!

Dieselpunks –

CBS Philly –

Philadelphia Business Journal –

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Metro –

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And look for us tomorrow in: Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Style, The Tribune,, and the Main Line Times

At Pilsner’s Picks, We Don’t Poach Anything But Eggs!

Posted By on August 1, 2015

With all the controversy that’s going on right now over hunting, I have to admit that I did a LOT of hunting in my callow youth— hunting for rare 78’s, that is, in the darkest and most forbidding thrift shops of New York City and northern New Jersey!

I took many trophies, which are now presented to the curious as Pilsner’s Picks; here’s the August edition.

Just a quick update……

Posted By on July 28, 2015

I have been so busy creating my new workshop that I haven’t been able to update this blog……I will be completing some projects in the near future…stay tuned.  In the meantime you might like to look at how to make some of the things I have put up here….

How to make…..

Pentayurt for Burning Man

Posted By on July 20, 2015

I’m heading to Burning Man again this year. If you’ll recall, last year I built a Hexayurt for the Playa. It worked very well and I was much happier in the Hexayurt than I have ever been in a tent. But I had painted the Hexayurt to cover up the logos on the polyisocyanurate panels. […]

WW-II Vintage Homemade Welder

Posted By on July 15, 2015

I found this welder on Craigslist for hundred dollars. It’s made with a World War II surplus aircraft generator and the engine from a 1946 Austin Dorset. It’s a 200 Amp DC welder with a four-cylinder pushrod engine. This is a first look at it and there will be more videos as I get it […]

The Chap issue 82

Posted By on July 14, 2015

The 82nd edition of The Chap goes back to first principles

We take a look at the life, career and dandyism of Patrick Macnee, in his incarnation as John Steed. We also find a Steed lookalike at the Chap Olympiad.

Vic Darkwood, co-founder of the Chap Magazine, continues his etiquette column with a look at why gentlemen should not run, jog, or exert themselves in any way whatsoever.

Michael “Atters” Attree meets Matt Berry, comedian, actor and musician, to discuss ghosts, prog rock and Soho tailors.

Laszlo Krass, reporting from Berlin, visits Cafe Grosz for hot chocolate and international intrigue. Elsewhere, we examine the Brogue in great detail, along with its fabric counterpart tweed; we meet Richard Massingham, long forgotten eccentric who made educational films on how to use a handkerchief; Patricia Hammond informs us of the female singers of the 1930s whom we should be listening to; Tom Cutler revisits the bachelor pad with tips on how to distinguish them from student bedsits; a new double page spread of our King of Chaps with details of how to nominate yourself a chum for this coveted accolade.

All this, plus usual regulars the Butler, the Lip Weasel and Am I Chap?

Purchase the latest edition or subscribe from here

The Chap Pocket Square

Posted By on July 14, 2015

Here at The Chap we are constantly quizzed with the refrain along the lines of: “You go on about how essential it is to wear a pocket square at all times, yet haven’t produced one of your own version?”

This is an entirely fair criticism, and after fifteen years of publishing a gentleman’s journal whose manifesto practically hangs on the presence of some form of efflorescence sprouting from the breast pocket of one’s jacket, coat or indeed pyjama top, we have capitulated.

The Chap pocket square, designed by editor Gustav Temple, is printed on a medium-weight shantung silk which crumples easily into one’s breast pocket, yet retains the shape one carefully puffs it into for up to 17 hours, often longer. We have produced just 100 in this design for the summer season, and the limited edition design will be discarded once they are sold. In the autumn we shall be releasing a new design.

Most of these Chap pocket squares were sold at this year’s Chap Olympiad, but a few remain and are exclusively available from