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The fundraiser for Dieselpunks will be over in two days. If you get any pleasure or entertainment from my website, please donate at least a dollar so I can keep it going. Otherwise, we’ll have to go through this all over again next year.

The fundraiser website is:

If you’ve already donated, you’ve done something grand. You’ve kept the retro-future alive!  For that, you have my most sincere thanks and gratitude.

For the future,

Halloween Ghost stories: The Ghost Blimp

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Halloween is just around the corner, and I know you Dieselpunks are just dying for a good old fashion tale of mystery and the supernatural. This tale is one of the more well known stories from the World War 2 era, one that is still trying to be debunked. It involves a small voyage in a navy blimp, the L-8, during it’s last journey. It was a simple mission, but it ended with an extraordinary conclusion.

The L-8 was, like all US navy blimps, used to detect enemy submarines from above, as well as carry bombs to drop on any that were unfortunate enough to be found. The airfield on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay was the main place to keep airships, and the L-8 moved there after the disaster of the Hindenburg in Lakehurst– the east-side’s main airship field. At 6:00am, the L-8 and its two crew members–Lieutenant Ernest Dewitt Cody and Ensign Charles Ellis Adams–set off for a routine patrol of the pacific coastline, despite being warned by their mechanic that the ship was too heavy, ignoring the warning and seeing the ship had no problem taking off.

At 7:50am, five miles east of the Farralone Island, the two man crew radioed in, reporting an oil slick. “Standby…” was the last sign of life from the airship. For an hour, the L-8 circled around the spot, witnessed by two ships in the area. Around 9:00am, the airship simply turned away from the reported oil slick and returned to San Francisco. Nobody was able to regain contact with the L-8, communication coming in but not coming out. Aircraft were even sent out to search for the L-8, fear that it had crashed into the ocean depths.

At 10:20am, the L-8 was spotted by a Pan Am flight. The spotters reported that the L-8 was heading towards the Golden Gate Bridge and was under control. Ten minutes later, ground witnesses saw the L-8 aim its nose up into the sky and rise above the clouds. That was the last sighting of the airship while it was in the air. At 10:50am, only 5 hours after its initial take-off, the L-8 was found by the beach.

Nightmare Blues – New from Aaron J. Shay

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Friend of SPWS Aaron J. Shay has released a new music video for his banjo-rock barnstormer "Nightmare Blues" just in time for Halloween!

Described by one participant as what would happen "if Neil Gaiman art directed the ballroom sequence of Labyrinth at Burning Man," this video follows a band as they awaken in a strange place, performing for a surreal group of concertgoers, whose actions become less and less dreamlike and more sinister as the song continues.
Directed by Ben M. F. Rapson of Breathing Media.
Featuring Seattle's folk-punk street band The Mongrel Jews, and Bat Country's Bill Bullock!

Long horns are back!…..

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Can anyone think of a good steampunk use for these?  They’ve been cleaned up now and are glistening chrome.

Adding the iPad

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I have now included the iPad and controls (not shown) which are functioning very well.

AEther Salon: Orientalism! (Edited transcript)

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((Well, semi-edited transcript.  There was a great deal of discussion during the second half of the Salon, which I did not attempt to edit.))

Bookworm Hienrichs steps forward, flipping through her notebook.

Bookworm Hienrichs: Welcome to this month’s Aether Salon! Today, we celebrate the anniversaries of both the Salon itself, and the city of Mondrago.  The Salon is starting its seventh season

AEther Salon: Orientalism! (Unedited Transcript)

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[14:01] Tepic Harlequin: oh,,,,, Mr Baron, Sir, here’s the stuff yer were wantin fer my talk next year!

[14:01] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Excellent.

[14:02] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) reads and chuckles

[14:02] The Doctor (callidus.waydelich): Hello, Baronin, Ms. Hienrichs.

[14:02] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander) bows


AEther Salon: September Planning Session

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[2014/09/21 14:04]  Bookworm Hienrichs: Hello, Jed.

[2014/09/21 14:04]  Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): Hello Book

[2014/09/21 14:06]  Jedburgh Dagger (jedburgh30.dagger): oh well, good meeting :D

[2014/09/21 14:07]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me chuckles.

[2014/09/21 14:08]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Guten Abend, Damen.

[2014/09/21 14:09]  Bookworm Hienrichs: Good

Adding bits…….

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This is the start of my new Ultimate Steampunk Entertainment System (U.S.E.S.)

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I have big plans for this old neglected, trashed radio cabinet from the 30’s…stay tuned! (Pun intended)

Review: Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff

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This is the sequel to the book I raved about in this post.

Book one focused very much on Yukiko, a young woman with the ability to speak telepathically with animals. She’s bonded with an Arashitora – a Thunder Tiger, or Griffin.

Book two, in contrast has as many, I think, viewpoint characters as one of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire books, but like I said, he handles them better. He never sacrifices pace, and yet there’s no shortage of character development or mood.

In Kinslayer, Yukiko is in mourning after the events of book one, plus suffering from some awful headaches as a result of her telepathic abilities being amplified. She leaves on a search for a clue to the cause of her crippling condition, and for much of the book is far from the rest of the action.

Instead of being trapped on the ground, wings clipped, though, we get to spend lots of time flying this book. I’m a pilot; I liked that part.  Kristoff returns to her just often enough to satisfy me, but there was so much going on in the capitol city, and in the rebel village, there was no telling the story with a single point of view like book one.

Now, there’s a character from the first book who’s name was Kin, who was a totally sweet boy, who doesn’t deserve to die, and based on the first book, I didn’t trust Mister Kristoff at all not to kill him. In The rebel village, we got Kin, who’s crushing on Yukiko. That subplot is kind of set up to be a classic love triangle, except then Kristoff pretty much goes “Oh, you think this looks like a which-girl will-he-end-up-with story? HAHAHAHA!” And…oh my. Yeah. I won’t spoil anything.


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Hello everyone!

We are a French dieselpunk band. Please excuse my English.

I hope you’ll enjoy our work and our universe. You can listen our music, a mix between electroswing and dark cabaret, with the player bellow. It’s a bit different, because we work with acoustic instruments such as pianos, violins, contrabasses, and drums.

Jean-Marie de Trelaire, coordinator of the Retropolitain.