Æther Salon – Secret Societies! (Unedited Transcript)

| May 28, 2016

[2016/05/22 13:57:24] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Ah, there is our perpetrator.
[2016/05/22 13:57:25] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy!
[2016/05/22 13:57:30] Myrtil Igaly: ‘ello!
[2016/05/22 13:57:58] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Fraulein Myrtil! Welcome.
[2016/05/22 13:58:07] Myrtil Igaly: Thank you Baron!
[2016/05/22 13:58:11] Zaida Gearbox: i’m sorry i rezzed into a wall and had to get out
[2016/05/22 13:58:18

Æther Salon – Secret Societies! (Edited Transcript)

| May 28, 2016

Presented by Jimmy Branagh

Jimmy calls from behind the curtain and asks "WHAT IS THE PASSWORD?"

Thank you for coming today. The sheer volume of information on so-called "secret societies" fairly renders them not so secret, and it would be impossible to cover it all in the short time we have today.

Hopefully, I will pique your interest in doing some research of your own,

Steampunk -Splendid Day Out -happening in Morcambe in the UK!

| May 27, 2016

I am going to this at the end of this month – May, 2016 – and am looking forward to it.  It will be the first ever Steampunk festival I have ever gone to.  I will be taking pictures and blogging about the event.

I leave Sydney, Australia on Tuesday this coming week and then catching an Etihads airplane which will stop over in Dubai before proceeding on to London, Heathrow airport.  I will then be taking the train from Euston station and taking the 2 hour trip to Morecambe and arriving around lunch-time before the fun begins!

Is anyone else going there?  I would love to hear from you!  Thanks!

I have taken a little stroll around the internet…..

| May 11, 2016

 I have been doing this blog since 2012 and enjoyed every minute of it…even though it hasn’t been as consistent as I would like, it has been fun!  I have never made any money on here because I don’t advertise…I touched on it once but I didn’t want to impose it on my readers.

It’s quite amazing the amount of scams on the internet. Scammers work hard to rope people into their schemes with newer and more exciting ways for you to lose your money.  They even have legitimate reviews…my bum!  The latest fad is binary options.  Almost everyday someone wants to make me rich for next to no work, no money down and risk free.

I’m sorry, did they say risk free?  Nothing in life is risk free…walking across the road, driving a car, making out…you just never know what life is going to throw at you!

So where am I going with all this?  I finally succumbed, I had to go and dive in and do it myself and I haven’t regretted a single moment of it.

Have I made $40,000 dollars this month?  Nope!  But that wasn’t the point…well yes it was…even $500 per month from an online business would be great!

So I enrolled into Wealthy Affiliates and I have never had so much fun.  This is easily 10 times better than facebook or any social media that I have come across (and I am on most of them).  The help is awesome, the training is beyond expectation and easy enough for anyone to understand.

They give you 7 days free to try it out (it really is 7 days free, no credit card necessary) and if you spend anytime on the internet this could be for you.

I have put a link along the top: Make Money and in this text so that you can give it a try.

ONE WORD OF WARNING:  When you open the link (not to my liking) the page, in my mind screams at you, but once you are in the rest is brilliant….that’s a word I haven’t used on my blog!

Æther Salon: Earthquakes! (Edited Transcript)

| April 22, 2016

Earthquakes have been recorded throughout human history, oft-times explained in their immensity as the actions of gods such as Poseidon, or ‘a great battle between a thunderbird and a whale’. However, Science in its early forms investigated earthquakes as well.
The theories that have been put forward up to the present date are three, and their authors three men, Anaxagoras of Clazomenae, and

Æther Salon: Vaudeville! (Edited Transcript)

| March 25, 2016

Nika Thought-werk:

So, question, ladies and gents, boys and girls, and animals of every shape and size … Do you like to be entertained?

Dear friends, my name is Nika Thought-werk. Many of you know me as a little clockwork who loves mail. I am that, but I am so much more – when I remember. One of the things I am is real. In the time before now, one of the things I did was perform in a

Æther Salon: Vaudeville! (Cleaned Raw Transcript)

| March 24, 2016

[14:07:54] Wildstar Beaumont: greetings all !
[14:06:08] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: All right, I think the stragglers will have to depend on the aether-journal to catch up.
[14:06:24] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Let me thank you all for coming, and issue a few ‘housekeeping’ points of order.
[14:06:34] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: 1) To ensure you can hear the speaker, stand or sit on the patterned carpet.

Vaudeville! (Cleaned Raw Transcript)

| March 24, 2016

[14:06:08] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: All right, I think the stragglers will have to depend on the aether-journal to catch up.
[14:06:24] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Let me thank you all for coming, and issue a few ‘housekeeping’ points of order.
[14:06:34] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: 1) To ensure you can hear the speaker, stand or sit on the patterned carpet.
[14:06:35] Myrtil Igaly: Hey Tepic!

Æther Salon: Courtly Love! (Edited Transcript)

| February 27, 2016

Podruly Peccable: COURTLY LOVE

Good evening, gentlefolk of New Babbage, and thank you for inviting me to speak tonight. My subject is the medieval tradition of “Courtly Love”, which seems a suitable topic for the sixty-ninth Aether Salon, falling as it does a week after Valentine’s Day.

I think it is true to say that when we imagine the medieval period, the first three images that come to mind

Æther Salon: Courtly Love! (Cleaned Raw Transcript)

| February 27, 2016

[2016/02/21 13:57:20] Podruly Peccable stays very very still so the horse doesn’t fall off the podium
[2016/02/21 13:57:30] Wildstar Beaumont: greetings
[2016/02/21 13:57:37] Podruly Peccable: Hullo Admiral
[2016/02/21 13:58:19] 美奈子 :: Minako: A fine steed you have there!
[2016/02/21 13:58:38] Lady Sumoku blows Wulfi a kiss.
[2016/02/21 13:58:45] Fauve Aeon: Hello everyone!
[2016/02/21 13:

The disappearing tools……..

| February 7, 2016

I needed more space in my workshop so I had to make some bench tools disappear and this is how I did it…….

…..and a peek into my workshop….

Æther Salon: Publishing! (Edited Transcript)

| January 30, 2016

Aether Salon: Publishing!

Welcome, word wranglers! If you’re here, odds are that you’ve written a story, or are thinking about writing one, or you really like to read published stories.

Even if you are not writing a book, knowing how it all works will give you a deeper understanding of what your favorite authors have gone through to bring their stories to life. No matter how books get