You can smell the change in the air.

The leaves are on fire. The winds are colder. Summer is fading and Autumn is upon us.

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awards and zeppelins and mind waves

Posted By on May 3, 2011

"Goodyear commits to future with new zeppelin airships." Sadly, the story is not quite as thrilling as the headline makes it sound. But we are all about zeppelins, so this is good news.


More good news: Mark Hodder has won the Philip K. Dick Award for The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack! Well done!


How to Be a Retronaut is great fun, and I especially like "If London Were Like New York," an article from 1902.


Also lovely: how to make your own spats (knee-high, for women) and recommendations for good steampunk drinks! (There are more suggestions in the comments.)


And lastly, we get rather futuristic by taking a look at MyndPlay, which uses a person's brain waves to choose his or her own video adventure, so to speak. Sort of eerie, really.


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