All four studios are major attractions of the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, each of them rivaling in audacity about their own pavilion designed by great names of the architecture of the era, the Primavera pavilion being built by no less than the Perret Brothers.

Built with reinforced concrete – the novelty of the time – the pavilion basement is made of lap d’or: concrete mixed with… gold, while the walls are ornated with black and gold mosaic and the roof set with colored crystal pebbles by Lalique!

Billions of visitors marvel at affordable objects and furniture with an innovative aesthetic.To customers found of modernity, Primavera offers rugs, upholstery, fashionable wallpapers and get specialised in ceramics: vases, ornaments, figurines…

The adventure lasts till 1972, Primavera being the only art creation studio to enjoy such a long life. Its legacy, more than a style, is a spirit made of sixty years of inventive, fantasy iconic creations.

During the early Twenties, the parisian department store had a stunning slogan that said “Every elegant woman shops at ” Au Printenps”. Primavera extended the idea to “Every elegant house is furnished by “Au Printemps” and its original creations are nowadays pieces of collection and the subject of art books and retrospectives. Parisian Art Deco lovers will not miss the one set “Au Printemps” till October 10th.

of predicting and traveling and drinking

Posted By on February 14, 2012

Back in 1900, predictions were made about the future, and many of them came true. So why not predict what 2112 will bring?



Ay-leen is compiling all steampunk-related conventions for the year, and it looks as if one might be able to travel for the entire year visiting convention after convention! There’s also a monthly compilation, for those of us with more spontaneous agendas.



The Vandermeers are at it again! They’re looking for submissions to their next anthology, titled Steampunk Revolution.



The consistently amazing NPS site has posted mp3s of Theo Wangemann's 1889-1890 European recordings. How fantastic is that?



And for those of us who like a good drink now and again, there is a (Kindle) tome just for you – SteamDrunks! Enjoy!



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