Primavera tells the story of a stunning artistic adventure spanning over six of the most creative decades about French Art Décoratifs.

In 1912, the department store “Au Printemps” in Paris is the first of its kind to give itself an original art creation studio. The purpose of this art studio is to develop modern Arts Décoratifs and to facilitate their diffusion.

Conceived by René Guilleré, founder of the Société des Artistes Décorateurs and Pierre Laguionie, the young and dynamic manager of the department store ” Au Printemps “, the project is called Primavera (“Spring” in Italian) a name which cleverly echoes the department store’s own name, “Spring” in French.

As soon as WWI comes to its awaited end, Primavera rapidly grows up. The ideas behind this art creation studio are to have ensembles of hand-crafted furniture and art objects produced by traditional workshops, to promote young artists. Its purposes are to introduce art into interiors by making affordable to everyone useful or decorative objects, both beautiful, modern and of good quality.

Creators are appointed, a pottery is bought in Touraine-France to ensure part of the production, other art workshops’ collaboration is asked in various fields such as glass work and ceramics…Soon an original production is born.

The immediate success of Primavera prompts other parisian department stores to found their own art creation studio. Big names are recruited : Paul Follot creates Pomone for “Au Bon Marché“, while Maurice Duchêne takes the head of La Maîtrise for “Les Galeries Lafayette” and “Les Magasins du Louvre” hire Kohlmann for their Studium.

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Congratulations to the VanderMeers – The Steampunk Bible has been nominated for a Hugo Award!



Rollicking Tales is looking for stories of all kinds – steampunk, western, fantastic adventures, and the like.



Need a quick vintage look to a modern photograph? Pixlr-o-Matic is free and wonderful! (Non-vintage effects are also included.)



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And finally, the Tanenbaums present the Reading Glove, which looks steampunky and vintage but is actually as modern as it gets, “reading” objects via RFID technology.



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