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One of the reasons I redesigned The Steampunk Workshop website is that I thought WordPress with it’s easier to use interface and more flexible authoring would entice me to publish more stories. But an important aspect to any story are good photographs and I don’t always (read rarely) want to haul out the tri-pods and […]

Miskatonic Monday – Roddy Piper vs. Cthulhu!

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Lights out, everybody.

On Miskatonic Mondays we celebrate the “weird” fiction of HP Lovecraft and the genre of otherworldly horror it spawned.

Portal To Hell logo

Imagine, if you will, that the Great Old One, Cthulhu himself, had a secret soft spot for Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in Overboard and convinced the great John Carpenter to return to Lovecraft mode to write him a part in it. We’d like to think the result would be very much like Portal To Hell!

Jack is a simple man with simple needs. Mostly he just needs to be left alone to read his book. It’s a good book and he likes it, or at least he would if the tenants of the building he manages weren’t so damn needy themselves. And it’s not just blown fuses and clogged toilets here … no, when the building power goes out the culprit is a pair of tenants opening a portal to hell in the basement. Does this count as building maintenance? Is battling the supernatural part of Jack’s job description? Maybe not, but if Jack can’t close the portal the entire building and – let’s face it – the whole world is screwed.

Portal To Hell!!! is a short film born out of the love that director Vivieno Caldinelli (Picnicface, This Hour Has 22 Minutes) and writer Matt Watts (Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays) share for the genre-mashing films of the late 1980’s and specifically the performance of WWF (it wasn’t always the WWE, kids) superstar Rowdy Roddy Piper in They Live. “Why didn’t Piper ever really do another film like that? We should write something.” And so they did. And then Piper himself read it and liked it. And so what started as an idle wish is now becoming reality.

If this sounds like your cup of tentacles, you can help get it made at:

Ho Ho Ho (Or Bah Humbug, Take Your Choice), It’s The December Pilsner’s Picks!

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A day early rather than a day late (for a change), here’s the 2014 Holiday Edition of Pilsner’s Picks. I’m still fooling around with the uploads and page formatting, so now I’ve returned to posting the MP3 files as individual tracks rather than as a playlist. If nothing else, it looks better this way!

Since I don’t have a whole lot of Xmas-type music in my collection, some of these tunes have appeared before (but not recently) and others have absolutely nothing to do with the holidays; they’re just the regular eclectic selection of Picks vintage platters.

Of historical note here, though, is the first-ever recording of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,” which has only been recorded about a billion times or so since its debut in 1934. It’s one of the all-time classics of the genre, of course— but I prefer the more adult Yuletide sentiments of Ozie Ware and Washboard Pete.

This is not your parents’ Holiday music, it’s your grandparents’…or even your great-grandparents’!

A FISTFUL OF NOTHING – Audiobook Now Available!

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Thank you for the overwhelming support of A Fistful of Nothing, the first novel in The Hollywoodholes Sonata series.

For you listeners out there, the audiobook edition is now available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes!

Already own a Kindle copy? You can get the audiobook version for only $1.99! Veteran stage and screen actor Bob Adrian (12 Monkeys) provides a hard-boiled noir narration to the text that positively drips pure pulp.

Snag yours today, dieselpunks!

Visit for more info


The Great Depression never ate the country alive. WWII refuses to put out its raging fires. Every major city across 50 states has been blown sky-high by blitzing.

This is 1952, America.

The only choice the denizens of a war-torn Los Angeles have left is to plunge into the deep dark of the metro tunnels and make a new life in the ruins of the subway rails below – with elbow grease, neon, and blood. In the crumbling catacombs beneath Hollywood, an ex-private eye named Jim “Jimbo” Maynard scours the dead, dark underworld for payoff on a gamble gone wrong, but stumbles instead on a subterranean metropolis divided by vice, vendettas, mysteries, and murder plots. In order to hunt down the butchers of two seemingly unrelated corpses, Jim will come up against warring mob bosses, backstabbing bookies, mad inventors, tin titans, bootleg rum-running, corrupted coppers, and electromagnetic revolvers.

Welcome to The Hollywoodholes. Welcome to your chrome coffin.

Chap Sample Edition Available for Free

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Download the free sample edition here

The Chap has toiled away in dingy basement studios with inadequate loose leaf tea facilities, in order to provide potential readers with a gratis glimpse at what they are letting themselves in for, should they choose to subscribe to The Chap or purchase individual copies.

The Chap sample edition is a free download which contains PDFs of our finest articles from over the years. The contents include:

  • An interview with barrel-voiced bonkers thespian Brian Blessed, who discusses climbing Everest, fighting Oiver Reed and the Dalia Lama’s sex life
  • Chappish Dispatches: Chaps v Hipsters
  • How to shave with a cut-throat razor plus the best shaving soaps and creams
  • A poignant obituary for Sir Patrick Moore, whose last recorded interview had appeared in The Chap
  • The very best reader submissions for Am I Chap?
  • Instructions on how to build a medium-sized Hadron Collider in one’s shed
  • The history, construction and purchase of a heavy tweed overcoat
  • How to buy a decent linen jacket on the high street
  • Photographs from The Chap’s protest against Abercrombie & Fitch on Savile Row
  • Tom Cutler on the Art of Seducing the Ladies
  • Music: How Edith Sitwell invented hip hop, by Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer
  • Cricket Matches played in prisoner of war camps
  • The Lip Weasel: Michael “Atters” Attree rounds up hirsute beauties and beasts
  • How to make the perfect G&T and which gins to buy
  • Photographs of pretty ladies smoking pipes

You may download the entire sample edition here

Chap Burns Night Convivial Supper

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The Chap has teamed up with the Hearth in Lewes to stage a one-off Burns Night Convivial Supper on Sunday 25th January 2015.

The aim of the evening is threefold: one, to celebrate an age-old British tradition that features the extensive consumption of whisky; two, to liven up an otherwise dark and gloomy first month of the year; and three, to introduce a select sheaf of privileged diners to the delights of the recipes contained within Cooking For Chaps.

The evening will commence with a hot whisky toddy upon arrival, and once cloaks have been taken, guests will be taken to their tables. Three courses will be served, the main course consisting of venison, after which there will be a malt whisky tasting. The date has been chosen more for its timing than for any particular emphasis on the works of Robert Burns, though a poem will be read in his honour. Haggis will not be served, but vegetarians are nevertheless advised that the menu will not be suitable for them.

The duration of the evening will be from 6pm until 11.30pm and your host will be Gustav Temple. Places are limited, so please make your reservation by calling 01273 470755 or emailing

The Hearth

Near fixtures are halogen far fixtures are LED. Color temperature is almost identical! these were inexpensive GU10 LED bulb, I am very impressed with what’s coming out of the factories in China lately. – A SPWS One Shot

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Near fixtures are halogen far fixtures are LED. Color temperature is almost identical! these were inexpensive GU10 LED bulb, I am very impressed with what’s coming out of the factories in China lately.

Review: Endsinger by Jay Kristoff

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As civil war sweeps across the Shima Imperium, the Lotus Guild unleashes their deadliest creation—a mechanical goliath, intended to unite the shattered Empire under a yoke of fear. Yukiko and Buruu are forced to take leadership of the rebellion, gathering new allies and old friends. But the ghosts of Buruu’s past stand between them and the army they need, and Kin’s betrayal has destroyed all trust among their allies. When a new foe joins the war, it will be all the pair can do to muster the strength to fight, let alone win. And as the earth splits asunder, as armies destroy each other for rule over an empire of lifeless ash and the final secret about blood lotus is revealed, the people of Shima will learn one last, horrifying truth. An exciting, vivid conclusion to a critically acclaimed series, Endsinger is sure to have fans racing through the pages to savor every last revelation.

The publisher was kind enough to provide a review copy of this, the last in the Lotus War Trilogy. You know, the one I’ve been gushing over in my reviews of the previous two books.

It’s funny, going into this book, you know. Having loved the first two books, I came into it with fairly high expectations. But at the same time, remembering it’s his first trilogy, and I’ve never seen him finish a story before. Take George R. R. Martin, who I don’t really believe he’s ever going to finish A Song Of Ice And Fire because the story is just so sprawling, and Kinslayer started getting spread out over a lot of viewpoint characters, kind of like that, and even though it never felt like it was getting out of hand, I know authors don’t always figure out how to pull all the threads back together satisfyingly.

What Air Purifier Should You Pick?

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It’s quite simple, to improve your house’s indoor air quality you’ll need to install an air purifier. But did you know that this type of appliance can do more than just eliminating pollutants from your home. If you consider your options wisely, you can find a unit that can also remove unwanted smell from the air allowing you to breathe easier.

This type of unit is especially useful if you have pets at home or if one of your family members is smoking. Although you can just vacuum your house regularly, the airborne particles won’t be eliminated thoroughly.

What type of unit you must consider?

Air PurifierThis will depend on what your needs are, but what’s generally considered the best air purification method is the HEPA filtration system. It’s the most popular unit for those with asthma and respiratory problems and it’s highly recommended by doctors because it can remove airborne pollutants more effectively.

If you opt for a filterless unit, on the other hand, it can only eliminate 80% of the airborne particles. It also can’t control or remove pet or smoke odors.

An air purifier that can remove odor must have a pre-filter feature. Obviously and unfortunately, it’s a type of feature that you can’t find in filterless brands. If you go for a HEPA-designed unit, the pre-filter is attached to the primary filter. It contains activated charcoal that absorbs smaller particles that have been causing the bad odor. When they’re absorbed, they’ll be eliminated from the air.

While shopping for an air purifier, it’s a must that you know where you’re going to install it. If you choose a smaller size unit, it might not be 100% effective in controlling or managing indoor air quality. As a result, it’ll work too hard, thereby, shortening its lifespan.

Before you settle for a certain unit you need to conduct a thorough research so you’ll know which model has the right features that meet the requirements of your home. Combine it with a handy thermostat and you’ll heave the perfect atmosphere in your home!

Calling! Salon (Edited transcript)

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Bookworm Hienrichs: I think we’ll get started now. And please excuse me if I fall silent – I may freeze up while talking.

Welcome to this month’s Aether Salon! Today, Lord Mayor Perryn Peterson of Mieville has come to give us some insights into the world of manners and etiquette.  Before we get started, a few housekeeping items:

1) To ensure you can hear the speaker, stand or sit on the

Calling! Salon (Unedited transcript)

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[2014/11/16 13:54]  Arthur Serpente (gauisartephiusserpente): oooooo coffee, hello Miss Psaltery, how are you?

[2014/11/16 13:54]  Garnet Psaltery: I’m very well, thank you, and you?

[2014/11/16 13:54]  Arthur Serpente (gauisartephiusserpente): /me attaches himself to the coffee machine with vigor

[2014/11/16 13:54]  Stereo Nacht: Good day Herr Baron, nice to see you back!

[2014/11/16 13:54]

Mold Rammer for Sand Casting

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Thor has his Hammer, I have my Rammer.