The Dieselpunkette Reviews: Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding

Posted By on October 18, 2015

This book has been on my TBR list for years, and I finally got around to reading it. Honestly, mostly because it finally showed up available electronically. (The other Punkettes have differing opinions, but I do love my e-books.)

This book was like firefly, but Dieselpunk. And I say that as a fan of Firefly. (If you haven’t watched Firefly and don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s on Netflix, you need to go watch it, right now. I’ll wait.)

It’s not at all that it felt like a ripoff. It’s a combination of the fact that the story centers around the mismatched crew of an airship, all of whom are running from something, and their perpetually broke captain, and the style of humour. The humour plays off the characters and provides much needed lightheartedness to what is at times a story that gets pretty damn dark. And a giant metal steampunky golem with the mental capacity of a toddler. 

Darian Frey, Captain of the Ketty Jay is not particularly sympathetic at first, which is likely why the author chose to open the story with the viewpoints of several other characters – ones new to the crew. Frey is a bit of a womanizer, and irresponsible as hell. There’s a reason he has trouble keeping a crew together. By a third of the way into the book he’d become one of those characters that I couldn’t wait to see him punished, and yet still felt sorry for him, even if it was just a little bit. He’s one of the most dynamic characters of the story – he changes a lot in the course of it, and his emotional arc was beautifully handled.

Several of the crew members have their own character arcs, some seem complete by the end of the book, and others, like Crake, look like they’ll probably continue into later books, which is cool.

A Little bit of Jabber, Tête-à-Tête, and a Whole Bunch of FREE PUNK READS!

Posted By on October 13, 2015

I recently interviewed a multi-punk-genre, short story writer who posts his punk pieces for readers on wattpad–a free online reading and writing site that a lot of us Punkettes use. He was nice enough to link us to an extensive list of free readings at the bottom. Here are my favorite questions and answers from that interview!
                                -Rebecca Sky, The Clockpunkette 

The Clockpunkette: 
Tell us about yourself.

My name is Gavin. I’m married with four children and live in south west England with my family, a dog called Arthur, and a cat who loathes me.

I am self-confessed Science Fiction geek, and I work for Wattpad running their team of 150 volunteers and looking after various sectors of content. This means I get to describe myself to puzzled border control officials in Toronto as a professional reader of odd fiction which is very satisfying.

The Chap issue 83

Posted By on October 10, 2015

The 83rd edition of The Chap comes mysteriously bemasked

We meet masked wrestler of TV wrestling’s heyday Kendo Nagasaki, who informs Atters what is behind the mask today.

Vic Darkwood, co-founder of the Chap Magazine, examines the Semiotics of Falling Over.

Laszlo Krass, reporting from Berlin, uncovers a plot to steal the Castafiore Emerald from the Orient Express. Elsewhere, we examine the Waxed Jacket in great detail, and meet Britain’s foremost expert in the vintage variety; a new film biography of Leslie Howard is reviewed; Patricia Hammond on the Swells of Britain’s music halls; Tom Cutler on the gentlemanly art of procrastination; our latest King of Chaps, all the way from Berlin, is crowned; Chap Kit on the gentle art of wearing a trilby; The Hollywood Cricket Club and the discovery of Beau Brummell’s tomb in Caen by Gustav Temple.

All this, plus usual regulars the Butler, the Lip Weasel and Am I Chap?

Purchase the latest edition or subscribe from here

New Album from Psyche Corporation

Posted By on October 9, 2015

Something special this October: Psyche Corporation has released her 5th album, Romance of the Counter-Elite. Notably, the EP features their popular cover of “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe. Do check it out: Besides the cover of Poe’s poem, the remaining songs of the new album cover dark and multi-layered themes, especially focusing on dystopian […]

The Chap Brogue

Posted By on October 7, 2015

In conjunction with Northampton shoemaker Jeffery-West, The Chap has devised what we consider to be the perfect brogue for today’s anarcho-dandyist.

Made from chestnut calf leather on a Goodyear-welted sole, The Chap Brogue has all the attributes of a classic English brogue, yet with a few eccentric touches to mark it out from the run-of-the-mill, such as red stitching on the welts, red leather lining, unusual broguing on the heel and toes, and The Chap head with trilby and pipe logo burned on to the leather sole.

The Chap Brogue is exclusively available from

From A Deep And Forbidding Eldritch Vault Come… The October Pilsner’s Picks!

Posted By on October 1, 2015

Actually, there’s not much of a “boo factor” in this month’s Pilsner’s Picks— I really don’t have much music that’s suitable for Halloween parties. I did manage to scare up one ghostly number, though, although it’s not very scary. It’s more like something that you’d hear on the soundtrack of an early animated cartoon, accompanying the dance of some “rubber hose” ghosts.

Anyway, here are the October Picks (with a weak, obligatory “Boo” from yours truly).

Halloween Dreams 2015

Posted By on October 1, 2015

You can smell the change in the air.

The leaves are on fire. The winds are colder. Summer is fading and Autumn is upon us.

As we drift towards the haunting season, remember to tune into Dieselpunks Radio. Starting today, you can enjoy 6+ hours of commercial-free spooky music from the Jazz Age and beyond. Enjoy your trip to the Devil’s Ball with the Ghost of Smokey Joe, the Mad Witch, and the Little Man Who Wasn’t There.

Tune in at:

When the masquerade is over and St. James Infirmary has closed, come on back for more Halloween fun at Dieselpunks all month long.

The SEA is Ours: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia

Posted By on September 25, 2015

“The SEA is Ours: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia” out for release November 1st, 2015! IndieGoGo campaign here! The stories in this collection merge technological wonder with the everyday. Children upgrade their fighting spiders with armor, and toymakers create punchcard-driven marionettes. Large fish lumber across the skies, while boat people find a new home on […]


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All four studios are major attractions of the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, each of them rivaling in audacity about their own pavilion designed by great names of the architecture of the era, the Primavera pavilion being built by no less than the Perret Brothers.

Built with reinforced concrete – the novelty of the time – the pavilion basement is made of lap d’or: concrete mixed with… gold, while the walls are ornated with black and gold mosaic and the roof set with colored crystal pebbles by Lalique!

Billions of visitors marvel at affordable objects and furniture with an innovative aesthetic.To customers found of modernity, Primavera offers rugs, upholstery, fashionable wallpapers and get specialised in ceramics: vases, ornaments, figurines…

The adventure lasts till 1972, Primavera being the only art creation studio to enjoy such a long life. Its legacy, more than a style, is a spirit made of sixty years of inventive, fantasy iconic creations.

During the early Twenties, the parisian department store had a stunning slogan that said “Every elegant woman shops at ” Au Printenps”. Primavera extended the idea to “Every elegant house is furnished by “Au Printemps” and its original creations are nowadays pieces of collection and the subject of art books and retrospectives. Parisian Art Deco lovers will not miss the one set “Au Printemps” till October 10th.


Posted By on September 22, 2015

Primavera tells the story of a stunning artistic adventure spanning over six of the most creative decades about French Art Décoratifs.

In 1912, the department store “Au Printemps” in Paris is the first of its kind to give itself an original art creation studio. The purpose of this art studio is to develop modern Arts Décoratifs and to facilitate their diffusion.

Conceived by René Guilleré, founder of the Société des Artistes Décorateurs and Pierre Laguionie, the young and dynamic manager of the department store ” Au Printemps “, the project is called Primavera (“Spring” in Italian) a name which cleverly echoes the department store’s own name, “Spring” in French.

As soon as WWI comes to its awaited end, Primavera rapidly grows up. The ideas behind this art creation studio are to have ensembles of hand-crafted furniture and art objects produced by traditional workshops, to promote young artists. Its purposes are to introduce art into interiors by making affordable to everyone useful or decorative objects, both beautiful, modern and of good quality.

Creators are appointed, a pottery is bought in Touraine-France to ensure part of the production, other art workshops’ collaboration is asked in various fields such as glass work and ceramics…Soon an original production is born.

The immediate success of Primavera prompts other parisian department stores to found their own art creation studio. Big names are recruited : Paul Follot creates Pomone for “Au Bon Marché“, while Maurice Duchêne takes the head of La Maîtrise for “Les Galeries Lafayette” and “Les Magasins du Louvre” hire Kohlmann for their Studium.

AEther Salon: Sailing! (Edited Transcript)

Posted By on September 21, 2015

Bookworm Hienrichs: Welcome, everyone, to a new season of the Aether Salon here in New Babbage!  We thank you for finding the time to attend, and hope you’ll enjoy today’s topic. Admiral Beaumont will be regaling us with tales and information on the Age of Sail. Before we begin, a few housekeeping items:

1) To ensure you can hear the speaker, stand or sit on the patterned carpet.

2) If you do

AEther Salon: Sailing! (Unedited transcript)

Posted By on September 21, 2015

[2015/09/20 14:01]  Bookworm Hienrichs: /me welcomes everyone who arrived while she relogged.

[2015/09/20 14:02]  Bookworm Hienrichs: We’ll get started in a few minutes.

[2015/09/20 14:03]  VI (violet.solano): good afternoon all

[2015/09/20 14:03]  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Frauleins, I am very sorry, it is not letting me set them down.

[2015/09/20 14:03]  Wulfriðe