The Chap Loves

Posted By on March 7, 2016

In a new monthly web featurette, we admire an item of chappish splendidness which has featured in the magazine’s “Chap Kit” section.

The first of our homages goes to the Leather Satchel Company. There is a genus of Chap which clings to the disfigured belief that transporting one’s everyday flotsam & jetsam in a carrier bag is both practical and appropriate. It is not. Such malodourous thinking incited the rise of the male Tote Bag – or as your gran called it, a shopping bag. And for the man who utilizes either, or both, articles, these words will have little value or resonance. For any sense of personal dignity has been dislodged by a sartorial death that is black, silent, and terrible.

But for the rest of you, your belongings are in for a treat. The Leather Satchel Company is in its 50th year, and England’s oldest surviving satchel maker. And while, in the current fashion climate, the term ‘Classic’ is often overused and inappropriately attached, it would not be disingenuous on this occasion. For they produce a range of satchels that would not look out of place slung over the shoulder of a child of the 1930s. Unlike the school kid of today, who is more likely to be seen with an outsize rucksack suspended from their shoulders, and looking for all the world like an upright tortoise.

It was a fortuitous meeting between a leather worker and a headmaster that proved the catalyst for the Leather Satchel Company’s birth. Stephen Hanshaw was exhibiting his leather-ware in London, when local headmaster Mr Collis asked if he could to make satchels for an independent school based in Hammersmith. High demand for the satchels soon saw Stephen joined by his two younger brothers, Barry and Paul, and together they established their first workshop on Smithdown Road in Liverpool. And although now operating out of a workshop in Huyton, it continues to be a family run affair. All the bags are handmade by a tightly knit team of master craftsmen, using high quality leather and, as with all hand crafted goods, once ordered it won’t arrive the next day. It requires making first. But as with anything of value, it’ll be worth the wait.

Marcher Than A Mad Hare: The March Pilsner’s Picks!

Posted By on March 2, 2016

All right, it’s time for me to take a break from all the raging political hoo-hah, before I finish off yet another bottle of aspirin in a futile effort to control my raging Trump- and Clinton- induced headache.

Not just a break, but a musical interlude! Without further ado (I always run out of ado late in the winter), yes, it’s the March edition of Pilsner’s Picks!


Æther Salon: Courtly Love! (Cleaned Raw Transcript)

Posted By on February 27, 2016

[2016/02/21 13:57:20] Podruly Peccable stays very very still so the horse doesn’t fall off the podium
[2016/02/21 13:57:30] Wildstar Beaumont: greetings
[2016/02/21 13:57:37] Podruly Peccable: Hullo Admiral
[2016/02/21 13:58:19] 美奈子 :: Minako: A fine steed you have there!
[2016/02/21 13:58:38] Lady Sumoku blows Wulfi a kiss.
[2016/02/21 13:58:45] Fauve Aeon: Hello everyone!
[2016/02/21 13:

Æther Salon: Courtly Love! (Edited Transcript)

Posted By on February 27, 2016

Podruly Peccable: COURTLY LOVE

Good evening, gentlefolk of New Babbage, and thank you for inviting me to speak tonight. My subject is the medieval tradition of “Courtly Love”, which seems a suitable topic for the sixty-ninth Aether Salon, falling as it does a week after Valentine’s Day.

I think it is true to say that when we imagine the medieval period, the first three images that come to mind

The Chap February Edition

Posted By on February 15, 2016

The Chap’s latest fop-packed issue has hit the nation’s magazine shelves, powered entirely by good old-fashioned steam.

We meet Mycroft Milverton, who has converted real briar pipes into electronic vapour-fired devices for smoking pleasure; we hear about technical innovations that allow gentlemen to wear proper shoes with added modern benefits; we meet several makers of military style watches with contemporary mechanisms hidden behind their perfect dials; David Bowie’s sartorial splendour in Berlin in the 1970s is pictographically recalled; the first lady in our Centrefold is crowned Queen of Chapettes; Patricia Hammond recalls three 1930s tenors who were virtually pop stars; Tom Cutler advises on the etiquette of internet dating; Vic Darkwood provides essential information on all the colours that make up the Chromatic Lexicon of Louche; and Gustav Temple advises on the most suitable unguents for chaps to douse themselves with.

All this plus regular features from the Butler, Steve Pittard, Film reviews, Am I Chap? and the Lip Weasel.

To purchase the latest edition or subscribe, please visit

The disappearing tools……..

Posted By on February 7, 2016

I needed more space in my workshop so I had to make some bench tools disappear and this is how I did it…….

…..and a peek into my workshop….

Why Does The Groundhog REALLY Come Out Of His Hole? To Hear Pilsner’s Picks!

Posted By on February 3, 2016

That’s a little-known fact about the groundhog. Anyway, since I don’t have any groundhog music (whatever that is), I present instead my annual Valentine’s Day program of sentimental tunes for lovers. I especially recommend the Cliff Edwards and Hoosier Hot Shots numbers for wooing purposes. Play them for the object of your affection, and I guarantee that something will happen! If it’s not to your liking, please don’t sue me, okay?

Æther Salon: Publishing! (Edited Transcript)

Posted By on January 30, 2016

Aether Salon: Publishing!

Welcome, word wranglers! If you’re here, odds are that you’ve written a story, or are thinking about writing one, or you really like to read published stories.

Even if you are not writing a book, knowing how it all works will give you a deeper understanding of what your favorite authors have gone through to bring their stories to life. No matter how books get

Æther Salon: Publishing! (Cleaned-up Otherwise-unedited Transcript)

Posted By on January 30, 2016

[14:04:06] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach makes a note that New Babbage time is five minutes late.
[14:04:24] Elleon Bergamasco: at least…
[14:04:28] Ceejay Writer: Takes twice as long for a Babbager to scrub their face for a fancy event.
[14:04:34] Darlingmonster Ember: sounds like they need a clockwinder?
[14:04:36] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach: Heh.
[14:04:37] Blossom Love: Hi Wright!

Hard Facing a DIY Anvil

Posted By on January 26, 2016

I have been assembling an anvil from several slabs of mild steel that have been kicking around the workshop. I milled a horn onto one slab and in this video I harden the billet that will be the top of the anvil. The “right” way to do this is to weld a 1/2″ plate of […]

Chap Shop Sale

Posted By on January 25, 2016

The Chap Shop’s January Sale has never-to-be-repeated bargains in many of its departments.

Snap up rock-bottom prices on essential gentlemen’s articles while you can, such as Moustache Wax, gramophone recordings by Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer and Patricia Hammond; pocket squares, The Chap Cook Book and a selection of rare back issues that will soon disappear from our shelves forever.

The Chap Shop’s January sale is designed to clear our stock room to make room for exciting new products and lines of clothing being developed for later in the year.

The 2016 Chap Olympiad

Posted By on January 22, 2016

The date has been set for the 12th Chap Olympiad: Saturday 16th July, 2016. The venue, as ever, will be the splendidly verdant Bedford Square Gardens in London’s fashionable Bloomsbury.

The competitive events, as ever, will rely more on dashing panache, wit and skullduggery than athletic prowess. The contestants, as always, will be dressed in a manner that is totally unsuitable for sport – yet ideal for strutting about and looking wonderful.
New events will be created especially for 2016, and old events that produce an outraged outcry when we try to mothball them will continue to fill the fixtures. Another first for 2016 is that a couple will be getting married on the Chap Olympic track – but only if the groom has performed appallingly in several events, and is therefore a suitable mate for a Chapette.
Tickets for this sensational and unique event will go on sale in April.
In the meantime, we urge you to cancel anything else you had planned for Saturday 16th July, and make a preliminary visit to your tailor, your milliner and your wig maker.