Red Dieselpunk (part 7)

| March 20, 2012

Once again I had thoughts about “thematic” collections of war beasts, but, after all, once again I present you a “cocktail” of battle spheres, human-powered tanks and a “new” concept- “Da Lowriderz”.

But, we begin with one more piece of machinery, that existed in metal:

Artillery Tractor

 Autumn, 1941

 Engineers from Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (later renamed as Chelyabinsk Kirov Narkomtankprom Plant, becoming the heart of Tankograd) developed a really brutal SPG, called “SU S2”, based on Stalinetz S2 tractor, with torsion chassis and bullet-prood armor. Main armament – 122mm M30 howitzer. It passed the tests, but never entered serial production – after al, tractors were also needed, and this machine was rather a self-propelled carriage, than an independent vehicle. Still, the design is very impressive.

The Invulnerable Lowrider

October 27th, 1943

This conceptual drawing came from a wounded soldier, who believed that such design will help to minimize the losses in vehicles in people, as only tracks were supposed to be vulnerable to enemy fire. You can see the measures on the scheme.

The Family Lowrider

May 18th, 1943

Tank-destroyer “Plastun” (a name for cossack scouting units) was developed by father and son. This machine was supposed to have very low silhouette and carry a cannon, a mortar and 2 machine-guns, operated by two crewmen (driver/machine-gunner and gunner, that could be male or female). Overall measures: length – 2,8 m; width – 1,8 m; total height 0.67 m. Speed was proposed to be up to 70 km/h. The crew was supposed to be “semi-lying” during operations.

And now, the community-beloved design, yet another one:

Sphere Of Death

November 1944

Not only engineers from Tankograd were extremely prolific – even farmers had their visions of the ultimate warmachine. Just try to calculate the number of cannons! We are lucky to possess an official “reply” from the officials, that clearly states following: 10m long, 15m wide and 10m high tank with 24 cannons, 8 mortars and 8 machineguns, and with a speed of 150-180 km/h(!!!) was absolutely impossible, as well as it is impossible to transport it by rail, to challenge water obstacles and to avacuate from the warfield.