Repeal Day is December 5th! Here’s where you can get an old-fashioned drink in LA

| December 5, 2014

December 5 marks an important day in history for those who love to drink alcohol: Repeal Day. Back in 1933, Prohibition ended with the 21st Amendment. But the speakeasy culture didn’t end there as many bars in Los Angeles are still keeping up with the theme. This Friday, bars and restaurants throughout the city are offering cocktail and food deals, and some are even throwing soirees celebrating this watershed moment. The deals listed below are all for Friday, unless otherwise noted.

Cole’s: Over at Cole’s they’re celebrating Repeal Day a day early on Thursday, Dec. 4, where they’ll be serving $5 Campari cocktails and $2 Campari shots, which you take down an ice luge (yes, really) starting at 7 p.m. A jazz band will go on at 8 p.m. Then on Friday, Dec. 5, they’re celebrating Cole’s birthday (the joint opened up in 1908) all day with $5 Camparis. On both days, you can get two french dip sandwiches and two sides for $19.08.

Cole’s is located at 118 E 6th St., downtown, (213) 622-4090

1933 Group: 1933 Group’s bars are designed with old-timey themes and their company is named after the year prohibition ended, so their classy watering holes fit in nicely with Repeal Day. They’ll be serving special $1 cocktails from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at their bars throughout Los Angeles. Harlowe, Bigfoot Lodge, Oldfield’s, Thirsty Crow and Sassafras will all offer their one buck Old Fashioneds. Bigfoot Lodge West will also have $1 Old Fashioneds as well as Kapple Pie, and La Cuevita with a Tequila Press. There’s a two-drink limit.

More info on their bars here.

Melrose Umbrella Co.: Melrose Umbrella Co. is one of those bars that when you step in, you feel like you’re transported to the past. Their bar is post-Prohibition era-themed and they’re taking this Repeal Day seriously. They’re offering $5 shots and cocktails—Fernet, Old Forrester and Old Fashioneds—all day starting at noon. And most importantly, your first drink there is 5 cents! They’ll have live jazz from 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and will be doing raffles for drinks every hour. More info here.

Sunday Streamline #71: Flying Colors

| September 16, 2012

One cannot but admire the pace of progress during the Diesel Era:

UP City of San Francisco ad

Three years after the introduction of lightweight diesel-powered streamline units, much more powerful locomotives were ready to haul full-weight trains. These locomotives, designed and built by EMC (Electro-Motive Corporation of La Grange, IL), were a serious competition to steam power. To tell their story, I used a number of quality sources: A History of Union Pacific Dieselization, 1934-1982 by Don Strack, Industrial Artifacts Review, Streamliner Memories,, and

EMC E1 body 1936The subject of the above photo has been described as “the most famous face in all of dieseldom.” It is the steel body of the first streamlined passenger unit built by GMs’ Electro-Motive Corporation in its new plant in La Grange, Illinois. This cab unit and a matching booster were built for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and began operating on April 25, 1937.

Electro-Motive continued to refine its design for a stand-alone passenger locomotive, based on what it had learned with the five 1,800-horsepower B-B (two two-axle trucks, with all axles powered) boxcab units it built for Santa Fe and B&O, and the two demonstrators, all completed between the delivery of M-10001 in May 1935 and the delivery of M-10002 in May 1936. One of the lessons was that the two-axle trucks did not operate well at high speeds, especially when entering curved trackage. Another major lesson was that these high-speed locomotives needed to be streamlined, similar to the M-10003 to M-10006 power sets delivered to UP in May to July 1936.

1937 LaGrange B&O switchers and EA 51Baltimore & Ohio #51 at GMs’ new Electro-Motive Corporation plant in La Grange, Illinois. In the foreground, no fewer than eight 600 h.p. SC switchers are in the process of being assembled.

EMC’s answer to these two problems was the model EA locomotive, introduced in May 1937, with six cab units and six booster units being supplied to B&O, and the E1 locomotive introduced in June 1937. (The model designation “E” stemmed from the original powering at Eighteen-hundred horsepower.) Eight E1As and three E1Bs were delivered to Santa Fe.

Convenient, Comfortablevia paul.malon @ Flickr

Steampunk Choose Your Own Adventure Tour!

| April 19, 2012



SteamPunk Magazine editor Margaret Killjoy is on tour with his book What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower, the steampunk Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel lauded by Cory Doctorow and Alan Moore among others. The tour will include stops at three wondrous steampunk events, including the Steampunk Ball in Pittsboro (NC), AetherFest in San Antonio (TX), and The Watch City Festival in Waltham (MA).

Confirmed Dates

Steampunk Adventure-Of-Your-Own-Choosing Tour!

| April 19, 2012



SteamPunk Magazine editor Margaret Killjoy is on tour with his book What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower, the steampunk Adventure-Of-Your-Own-Choosing novel lauded by Cory Doctorow and Alan Moore among others. The tour will include stops at three wondrous steampunk events, including the Steampunk Ball in Pittsboro (NC), AetherFest in San Antonio (TX), and The Watch City Festival in Waltham (MA).

Confirmed Dates

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2012… and the "Official" opening of the Steampunk Facebook Pages!

| January 1, 2012

My good friend, Miss Laura G.M., who has discovered the joys of Steampunk!

Its amazing what and who one encounters on Facebook – I stumbled across an old friend from years ago, who to my pleasant surprise, is a new Steampunk follower!  Kudos, Madam!

As a bit of a ham-fisted segue to the next entry, the Steampunk Facebook Pages are “officially” open, with the addition of the following locations and individuals!….

Dorian’s Parlor – (in beautiful Philadelphia, as it has been pointed out by a few individuals to my embarrassment!)
The Edison – (In sunny LA, on the left coast)
Ms. Evelyn Kriete, a renowned source of knowledge on Steampunk fashion
Mr. Michel Vaillancourt, author of the Sauder Diaries
Steampunk Kindle, an outstanding source for Steampunk on your portable device
Hungarian Steampunks, all the way from beautiful Eastern Europe
Clockworker-Steampunk, the authoritative German Steampunk site
Escape the Clouds, an excellent Steampunk musical group
Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band, one of my personal favorite group of musicians
Beats Antique, with amazing Steampunk and cross-genre works
and Mr. Clay Griffith, of the Vampire Empire series (as mentioned at the Steampunk Scholar)!

If you have a Steampunk location, business, musical group, or written work you would like to see on the Steampunk Facebook Pages, simply leave a comment, and I’ll endeavor to add it on the next update of pages.  The same with any corrections – I’m far from perfect, but I will strive not to let my keyboard bounce affect one’s name or endeavor!  On that note, please have a Happy New Year, and Best Wishes as well!

The Ballad of Mona Lisa, from Panic! at the Disco

| February 9, 2011

Received a message this morning from Mr. A. Fogel, from the notorious League of S.T.E.A.M., who elaborates on Panic! At The Disco’s newest video, The Ballad of Mona Lisa.  In it, he says…
Panic! At the Disco ‘s new music video “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” features a bold Steampunk aesthetic.  To create this unique look, the production collaborated with LA-based performance group The League of S.T.E.A.M., who are known for their elaborate Steampunk props and costumes.  In addition to providing pre-production design and story consultation, the group comprised nearly all of the background performers in the video, supplied featured props and gadgets, and outfitted several additional characters in bold Victorian-inspired fashion.  The League’s involvement throughout the many aspects of production helped to realize the authentic Steampunk atmosphere the band wanted.

Most certainly an outstanding video, and it encouraging to see a growing awareness of Steampunk continue to expand!  (After indulging in the aforementioned video, please do consider a visit to the League of STEAM!)

Castle’s Steampunk Episode – a review on Tor publishing by Mr. G.D. Falksen and a link to the episode…

| October 12, 2010

Still from the series, with the protagonist in Steampunk attire

At times there one’s best laid plans go awry, as mine did yesterday evening with the episode of Castle.  I have to admit I’m not overly familiar with the series, but last evening’s episode (which I’ll be going to directly after finishing this entry) was brought to my attention by the lovely Miss Evelyn, a lady in tuned with the pulse of the Steampunk genre.  After watching it, I would highly recommend stopping by for insights on this episode, penned by Mr. G.D. Falksen.  (A much more positive review than the train-wreck that the NCIS: LA attempt…)  Do make it a point to also visit Miss Evelyn’s website, where a budding discussion is developing about this episode of Castle…

This episode can be seen at: – –

Finished watching the episode on Hulu, and I must say that it is refreshing to see the genre presented in a positive aspect (to the general public).  Quite an enjoyable episode, and certainly merits a viewing!  (Additionally, the last commercial break has a little “interactive” episode for a new Steampunk-esque game, titled “Unwound Future”, for the Gameboy DS.  A bit of innocuous fun, so do consider a visit to it!)