| January 30, 2012

I have been involved in Steampunk for a few years now – for those who haven’t heard of it the easiest way to describe it would be to say it is Victorian Science Fiction.  Clothing new technology in old armatures.  I wouldn’t say that I live the ‘steampunk’ life but I have created a few pieces which I hope you might enjoy.One of my first creations is the iPhonograph which looks a lot like a gramophone player, but in this instance the ‘player’ is the iPad!  Have a look at some of these pictures:

If you are interested in making one for yourself I have created an instructable here is the link.  If you have the time please watch this video, the music starts about 30 or so seconds into the tape.

Victorian Silhouettes of Science Fiction Individuals….

| June 1, 2011

Number 6, in Silhouette

IO9 has a plethora of unique and interesting articles… many of which have a longitudinal relationship to Steampunk.  A few days ago, one of those articles snuck up on its board – one involving Victorian Silhouettes and Science Fiction characters.  As most likely know, Silhouette Art was a popular means of image representation (yes, in the proverbial silhouette), of the Steampunk era, with exceptionally complex representations developing over time.

However, a Mr. O. Moss recently decided to engage in a project – composing silhouettes of famous (or at least well known) science fiction characters.  At first, as scrolled though the brief selection in the IO9 piece, I was amused, but after visiting the gentleman’s website, where he has an impressive selection of his work, I was enraptured with either identifying those I liked, or simply trying to identify those which were challenging!

Bender, in Silhouette
An impressive body of work, and do take a moment to indulge in the video about Mr. Moss’ show in Los Angeles came about.  Unfortunately, the show was last Friday (20 May 11), but his many pieces are on his blog for your enjoyment!

Sideshow Bob, in Silhouette

For more details, please visit…

The IO9 article, at: http://io9.com/5806431/victorian-paper-silhouettes-of-famous-and-infamous-scifi-characters

The Slash Film blog, which include an interview with Mr. Moss, at: http://www.slashfilm.com/exclusive-interview-artist-olly-moss-top-secret-paper-cuts-exhibit/

Mr. Moss’ website, at: http://ollymosspapercuts.blogspot.com/

Challenges and contests and a new locale to boot

| September 28, 2010

Hello, and welcome to the new dwelling place for now! Life is a little hectic at the moment and Vox didn't provide a lot of time to prepare for the move, so we are hunkered down here for a bit. Everything should have transferred over properly, fortunately.

Nader Elhefnawy's guest post on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America website is all about steampunk. It's long and detailed (over 40 footnotes!) and a must-read for anyone interested in the genre. And if you're interested in steampunk-themed literature, why not take The Bookkeeper's Steampunk Challenge? It's a year full of reading, all geared toward steampunk (pun intentional).

The latest group to embrace steampunk may give readers pause: it's DARPA. Who knew that Babbage's levers might be more useful than semiconductors?


I had not heard of Strowlers until now. (I thought perhaps they were all-terrain strollers.) They are most definitely here and out in public, and are even throwing the first StrowlerCon later this fall in Boston!

The intricacies of Muslim art and dress seem to complement steampunk quite well, so it's wonderful to see a growing interest in Muslim steampunk. 

And finally, if you're in the area, be sure to check out Cirque Acirca's mural as it's being created this week in Grand Rapids. It's part of the 2010 ArtPrize competition, so you can also vote and support steampunk-loving artists and entertainers!