robots and games and names and, er, goats.

| February 15, 2011


It's planning time for steampunks — this spring promises to be full of events! To wit:


Starting on the western coast of the United States, the 6th Annual Northwest Robotics Festival takes place this weekend.


Moving slowly eastward, the League of Cincinnati Steampunks will engage in further mayhem by marching in the Bockfest Parade on March 4th, with a stuffed goat and possibly an airship and god only knows what else. (And they say we Midwesterners are dull!)


Art Donovan's lovely steampunk works invade New York the weekend of March 17-20 as part of the Architectural Digest Home Show — if you join the event's group on Facebook, you may be entered in a giveaway contest.


Looking forward to May, the entire town of Waltham, Massachusetts is going steampunk for a weekend! How can one resist an International Steampunk City?


Meanwhile, for online adventurers, Thomas Dolby and Paul Sizer are creating the Map of the Floating City experience, which combines Dolby's latest release and steampunkish gameplay.


Writer Susan Dennard is celebrating Steampunk Month on her weblog, and the folk at Nameberry have come up with a list of steampunk-related baby names suitable for either literary characters or live babies! (Mostly, anyway. I am not responsible for any liability should you decide to name a baby Nemo.)

Congratulations, Cthulhu, and more

| October 26, 2010

Congratulations to Giada, winner of our giveaway drawing for The Half-Made World! Many thanks to everyone who participated, and fear not, there will be more giveaways (and probably more snarky videos).


You may remember Tor's Steampunk Month from last year. This year, they've revamped it into the Steampunk Fortnight, with more great articles like this timeline of steampunk music.


If you happen to be near Hartford, Connecticut this Halloween, you might consider attending Miss Kitty's Halloween tea party at the Mark Twain House, which appears to have all sorts of fun events going on this weekend.


Lovecraft never warned us about Cthulhu taking over the Treasury, did he? Well, it's too late now…


Many thanks to Julie, who sent me a link to this wonderful map of the Internet in 1901 (from a bigger page of wonderful maps!).

Quick Links: Steampunk Fortnight @

| October 21, 2010

Sci-fi and fantasy blog is taking another stab at Steampunk after their fantastic Steampunk Month series last year, which you might want to check out!

There’s not much up yet, but the fabulous Ay-Leen the Peacemaker has a beautiful essay on the Ao Dai, which made my inner costume nerd giddy with joy, and there’s an interview with the author of the Steampunk Bible which talks about some of the issues we like here – race, class, sustainability, consumerism, and the like.

They’re promising other exciting things like comics and giveaways to come, so keep an eye on it for the next couple of weeks!