Ring Out The Old, Ring In The… OLDER, With Pilsner’s Picks!

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Who needs Mariah Carey when you can have Bessie Smith? Who never lip-synched anything, by the way— the technology didn't exist in her time. But I have a feeling that she wouldn't have done it even if it had been possible.

Anyway, as 2016 is flushed deservedly down the old commode, here's the New Year Edition of Pilsner's Picks.


Herr Döktor 2016-12-20 12:07:00

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Coming up to Christmas- An UPDATE!

I have been busy, instructing my elves, er minions, to produce some very nice things, including, by popular demand, t-shirts, limited edition prints of some of my creations, and postcards:

Available in two designs, the classic Herr Döktor's Laboratory 'Triangle of Doom' logogram, and the Herr Döktor's Laboratory shield:

Both are professionally printed on 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom shirts, the logo on black the shield on stone.

Here are the limited edition poster prints, all in full colour on 350gsm paper, A3 size, suitable for framing, first is the Gladstone tank on Mars, duing the Second War of the Worlds, 1913:

 Next is the Celestial Sphere "BRITANNIA" on her launch pad, before her historic journey to the moon in 1869:

Third in this set is Her Majesty's Airship "LEVIATHAN", cruising through the clouds above London in 1899:

Also available is a set of postcards of the above, at A5 size, printed in colour, with a rather nice double sided design, which can be used as a postcard to send to friends:

All available from my Emporium.

Bumper 90th Edition

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The Chap’s 90th print edition is out now, with Neil Hannon on the cover and a full-length interview inside.

We also have a long-overdue profile of Louise Brooks by our resident Doctor of Dandyism; some tips on dress for world leaders, with particular emphasis on how not to dress like Donald Trump; a walk on the wild side of Berlin’s cabaret scene; the life of Eugen Sandow, the Victorian strong man who invented modern bodybuilding.

Sartorial matters covered include bicycle panniers, cardigans and whether slip-on shoes count as proper footwear. We offer a tribute to Albion, loyal Chap adherent who passed away recently; Anthony Newley’s bizarre 1969 film Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness; the launch of new accessories outlet Kit & Kaboodle; the sex scandal that began at a performance of Handel’s Messiah.

Cricket looks at Harold Pinter’s lifelong devotion to cricket, which he thought was better than sex; Laszlo Krass reports from Rome on a plot to steal a valuable Caravaggio; our Parisian correspondent reports from the most elegant stall at the flea market. The Butler advises the gentleman with an embonpoint, Atters rounds up his stable of hirsute beauties and beasts and we crown another King of Chaps.

Order the new issue from www.thechap.co.uk/magazine

Write up in Make Magazine

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I have just been written about on Make Magazine on a couple of Steampunk artefacts and thought you might be interested:  Click the link below

Crafting the Ultimate Steampunk Entertainment System

Chap Launches New Accessories Store

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Kit & Kaboodle is the new online retail wing of The Chap, selling authentic men’s accessories of an exceptionally high quality. We have combed the factories, workshops, warehouses and studios of Great Britain to find the nation’s finest craftspeople, many of whose products are hardly known outside their small band of loyal customers.

From master leather workers to talented tanners, dedicated cutlers to kings of the woollen mill, makers of the finest writing implements to cutters of the smoothest leather notebooks, hereditary horologists to the crafters of beautiful leather watch straps, Kit & Kaboodle have sought the finest makers in the land and brought them all under one roof.

We firmly believe that buying the budget version of something a man will probably use for his entire life is a false economy. We believe that if you buy sensibly and from a source that has taken the trouble to ensure long-lasting quality by using traditional methods of construction, you will not have to buy that item ever again. Objects that are soundly made also age extremely well: a satchel made from premium calf-hide will not only outlive a synthetic alternative, but will acquire a patina that reflects its years of faithful use; it is far more likely to improve in appearance rather than degrades over time.

We have been a long time in preparing this enterprise, forming relationships with countless independent makers of the items we think every man should possess, regardless of age, fashion or sartorial style. The people we work with have either been in business for decades, or honing their particular craft, to the exclusion of all others, for many years, and this is reflected in the products we are offering to you.

Take our advice: invest in a single, perfect example of each of your essential accoutrements, look after them well, cherish them like you would a beast of burden, and you will never have to purchase another one again. Allow Kit & Kaboodle to guide you through the nooks and crannies of a British manufacturing industry that thrives today more than ever, despite the attempts of global brands to seduce us with their throwaway products, and your life will be enhanced for it.


From The Jolly Old Elf, Himself, It’s The December Pilsner’s Picks!

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Okay, so I'm not an elf, I'm usually not jolly, and as for that other part— never mind! Ho ho ho.


DIY Engine Driven Welder Part 4 – It Is Alive!

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I finished my engine driven welder and started welding up my scrap iron anvil! The welder works well and seems to be able to push rods as large a 3/16″. It’s build with the engine from a 1946 Austin Dorset and a 250 amp high-output Ford alternator.      

Lost PLA Cast Aluminum Alternator Pulley

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In order to get my engine driven welder working I needed an 8″ diameter multi-groove pulley to drive the alternator. Rather than buy one I decided to see if I could investment cast one starting from a 3D printed PLA part. Guess what? It worked!

Steampunk Entertainment System

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Free Gift with Christmas Subscriptions

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The Chap is delighted to offer Christmas gift subscriptions for 2016, which includes a free gift for the recipient.

What could be a more suitable gift to that special someone in your life, whose obsession with trouser presses, moustache wax, vintage cars and trousers with waistbands reaching to just under their chins, than an annual subscription to Britain’s only proper gentlemen’s journal?

The recipient of your seasonal munificence will be graced with, on Christmas day itself, their first edition of our splendid publication, a Chap Christmas card personally signed by you, plus a free mystery Chap gift (with a monetary value of at least £20.00). If you order before 14th December, all three items will be posted directly to you, the gifter, so that you may pass them on to your giftee on Christmas Day.

Thereafter, your lucky chum will then receive five more editions of our delightful organ every two months to their home address. The Chap Magazine thereby becomes literally the gift that keeps on giving.

You can set the whole thing up here

Or email thechap@warnersgroup.co.uk

Or call 01778 392022