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Steampunk News is now only an archive, and will soon go offline.

We thank our contributors and visitors.


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Well, the time has come…

Steampunk News started as a compilation of blogs I wanted to see every day, however over the years some sites have closed down, we’ve lost some shining lights, and the community has grown way beyond all expectations.

I hope Steampunk News has helped bring Steampunk information and fun to all our visitors over the years.  I thank all our contributors, regulars, and occasional visitors.

Take care everyone!


Declare Your Independence From Boring Modern Music With Pilsner’s Picks!

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We temporarily interrupt President The Donald's endless tweeting to present— the July Pilsner's Picks!

The ol' Panther hardly ever gets any requests, but recently there was one for Jimmy Durante, so the immortal Schnozzola is in the mix this month, along with the usual eclectic selections (or selectic eclections, if you prefer). "Hot cha cha cha cha!"

THIS is Dieselpunk

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It’s been a long time coming, my explanation of what “Dieselpunk” is and why it’s the most important genre of them all. And since I’ve been asked this question a lot, I have a lot of practice and because of the work I’ve done, I’ve become an accidental authority on what is, and what isn’t dieselpunk. I’ve been a dieselpunk long before there ever was a word “dieselpunk,” and I’ve seen many other names for it come and go along the way, too. But for now, since "Dieselpunk" is the name of whatever “this” is, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to switch anytime soon.

So, here it is - the answer to the question, "What Is Dieselpunk?"

Like the Phoenix: What’s Old Is New Again

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We got good news, great news... And some bad news. And then The Best News.

The good news is, Not much is going change. What you see here is pretty much what you're going to get when this continues when I take this over in a mere custodial mode. isn't MY site. I don't own it... I am merely the custodian of it.

Hopefully, you'll be able to view "Dieselpunks" two ways - via this URL or as the choice is yours.

Dieselpunks will be hosted on my server but will be its own thing, it's own entity with-in the server with a few minor cosmetics changes because of time constraints and not having the original photoshop or illustrator files.

You can send me your articles to be formatted and published to either one of my addresses - info (at) or ericfiskcgd (at)

The Great News: I'm looking into better and faster ways to archive pages so they'll be easier to find via indexing and a better search engine. Everyone will be able to find articles

The Bad News Is - Larry and I are trying really hard to save EVERYTHING here. We might not be able to do that. We might lose things when this service platform goes away. Somethings might not make the migration, but that leads to THE BEST NEWS.

The BEST NEWS is that you get to help me pick out the best articles to save first. You get to tell me what articles you know need saving and contribute new articles before the great reboot.

info (at) or ericfiskcgd (at)

Get in touch, and let’s get started!

Some Tunes To Croon In The Month Of June, From The Ol’ Panther

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And now, the moment that at least half a dozen of you have been waiting for— presenting the June Pilsner's Picks! If you like slide whistles, snake charmers, stream line rhythm, and soft lights and sweet music, we've got 'em all. It's too tight!

Æther Salon – Royal Ascot! (Edited Transcript)

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Introduction  Baron Klaus Wulfenbach:  Guten Abend, everyone, to the Aether Salon for May. You may sit closer to the front, the speakers do not bite.  Before I turn the event over to our speakers, there are a few 'housekeeping' points.  1) To ensure you can hear the speaker, stand or sit on the patterned carpet.  2) Sit whereever you might like in the provided seating. If you would prefer a

Æther Salon – Royal Ascot! (Unedited Transcript)

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Greetings: [13:43] Liz Wilner: as in relog? [13:43] Fauve Aeon: Hello, Hallo [13:43] Liz Wilner: greetings Fauve [13:43] Fauve Aeon: Are the Juleps cold? [13:43] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Frau Dauphine! [13:43] Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (klauswulfenbach.outlander): Spectacular. [13:43] Fauve Aeon: Herr Baron, your Majesty, everyone <3 [13:43] Zantyago Mannonen: how is this

New Beginnings

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"We come to beginnings only at the end." - William Throsby Bridges, World War 1 Australian Army Officer. has gone through some endings and beginnings over the last few years. A year ago Dieselpunk Founding Father and creator of Tome Wilson ended his ownership. Yet, had a new beginning as I picked up ownership from Tome and continued to operate the site for the past year. Now we come to a new ending as I end my ownership due to the high cost in time and money that the site demands. However, like the proverbial Phoenix, will soon have a new beginning.

I’m proud to announce that Dieselpunks member Eric Fisk has stepped up to the plate and will take over ownership of Eric is an avid dieselpunk, blogger, webmaster and a podcaster.

Soon Eric will introduce himself and his vision for In the meantime, visit his web site The Fedora Chronicles.

Big News Coming!!!!

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