Issue One Update

Posted by 17th June 2010

After further review of the timeframe and our current technical capabilities, we have decided to push back the first issue launch of Doctor Fantastique’s Show of Wonders to mid-August instead of mid-July. We wish to allow for more Steampunk creatives to find out about us and decide whether or not to submit their work for our perusal, but also we realized there is a need for certain technological figurings to be taken care of before we can launch our steamship into the Aether.

It bears repeating that we at Doctor Fantastique’s will consider everything Steampunk focused that alchemists of creativity wish to aether-mail to us. Contact us at or via the form link in the left sidebar. We welcome questions, concerns, or offers of assistance.

Yours in Gears and Cogs,

Doctor Fantastique


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