Reversing Books

Posted by 10th August 2010

Elizabeth from One Must Shock the Bourgeois* is a frequent reader here, and I was browsing her blog after a recent comment (I do read them *all*, even if I don’t reply) and found this intriguing idea: She flipped most of the books in her bookshelf spine side in.



On pure aesthetics, it’s a total win: The colors are more muted, more similar in tone. It’s less distracting and cluttered. Her accessories are part of the same color scheme. It’s lovely.

However there’s no way it would fly at my house — library organization was one of the most fraught negotiations of our early marriage, and not being able to see what books you have would defeat all organizational efforts — but I thought it was interesting, nonetheless. Would you do this to your books?

*Just for the record, I’m firmly in the bourgeoisie, as defined by Wikipedia: part of the middle or merchant classes, and derived social and economic power from employment, education, and wealth. And not shocked by Elizabeth’s blog–it takes more than reversed books to shock me. 🙂


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