Artists Wanted!

Posted by 23rd September 2010

I meant to put this up AGES ago and didn’t get to it, so please pardon the delay and I hope this isn’t going up too late, but there’s a steampunk graphic novel looking for artists! It’s called AIR, and if you want to contribute you should probably apply quickly!

If you’re less the artsy type and more the enjoying-comics type, Libby Bulloff tweeted about a steampunk-multicultural-feminist comic that is looking for support over at Kickstarter. It’s called Virtuoso, and it looks really cool, so I hope very much that it actually happens.

This has been your webcomics-plug of the day. We shall return to your regularly scheduled blogging soon. Happy Fall Equinox!

Quick disclaimer: None of these projects are being done by Steampunk Magazine, I’m just passing the word along in case any readers are interested. :D


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