Steampunk Movie – The Warrior’s Way

Posted by 6th October 2010

The Warrior’s Way came across my screen a bit ago and there had been talk about it being a Steampunk movie at the time.  I have to admit to having a bit of apprehension of pre-listing a movie as such, based on some of the results of previous productions which have made attempts to do the same (e.g. Jonah Hex, Van Helsing), but it does seem to be leaning towards the genre.  As a fan of martial arts (the old “Shaw Brothers” variety), I am quite enthuisataic about seeing more physical combat in a movie, and ninjas assassins always make excellent villans, but I suppose we’ll have to wait (and cross our fingers) to see if it truly meets expectations of a Steampunk Movie.  For a bit more insight, Mr. G.D. Falksen has completed a piece on it for, located here.

Regardless, the trailer is just below, and there is plenty to look forward to – please do enjoy!


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