Prepare yourself for an onslaught of giveaways and excursions!

Posted by 16th November 2010

Okay, I missed last week, but I am making up for it this week by announcing a slew of book contests. In the days to come. there will be reviews of several books, and giveaways contests for most of them! Books include:

Keep watching this space for more info!


On to other steampunky happenings. The Steampunk Empire (not to be confused with the Vampire Empire mentioned above) is having a design contest for a pin to be worn by Empire members. Deadline for design entries is November 28.


It's already winter in Minnesota, and the steampunks there are having a mystery event this weekend!


Seattle, meanwhile, is staking a claim as the most steampunk city in America. I think they have a valid point.


And finally, the Steampunk Wiki is gaining pages at a rapid rate.


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