Datamancer’s “Mosunov” Project Rifle – Part 1 of ?

Posted by 17th November 2010

I’ve always loved the styling of the Dragunov and PSL-54C rifles, So I thought it would be a fun project to integrate some of those styling details into a custom rifle stock for the Mosin-Nagant. I’ll be calling this rifle my “Mosunov”. I had the M44 stock left over from my previous Scout Mod, so I hacked off the original stock butt and grafted a Romanian PSL stock onto the back. I have also started collecting materials to build myself a “copy carver”, which will let me directly copy an existing rifle design and cut it into a laminate rifle stock blank. Originally, I was just going to whip this stock together quickly and sloppily to merely act as the master shape to be traced by the copy-carver, but once I stated building it, I figured I might as well put in the extra effort to make it a usable stock so I can play with it in the meantime and test out the design. The butt stock joint is seam-notched and triple-pinned with dowels, then all glued together with Mighty Putty (I really can’t say enough about that stuff…it’s like Bondo that dries into steel!).
Here’s where I’m at so far…

Looks awesome with my 10 round extension mag (after which I can now proudly blurt, “Patent Pending!”).

And now for the ugly pic of what’s underneath that paint…

I decided to try and fix the one major flaw of the PSL Dragunov stock which is that it’s just too damned short. I added 2 stacked slices of 3/4″ oak plank to the back of the stock which makes it a much more comfortable length, but still allows a decent cheek weld on the integrated cheek rest. I also carved a thumb groove on one side of the handle, and a trigger finger groove on the other to make the handle grip a little more ergonomic. Not too ergonomic though- I don’t want to lose the “milsurp” look of the rifle. I also had to fill in the M44’s bayonet notch on the right side of the stock near the front.

More soon,


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