SteamCon II Mini-Report – Review of The Gypsy Nomads

Posted by 3rd December 2010

I will have time for a full con report and pictures and video later, but for now I want to review one of the highlights of the con, for me at least.

We caught the tail end of their show Friday night in Mr. Bodewell’s Cabaret, and Captain Julian dubbed The Gypsy Nomadsthe best steampunk band I’ve never heard of before now” and I cannot fault him that description.

Frenchy and the Punk

Photo by Frank Siciliano

I purchased the two CDs they had available at the convention, and have listened to little else in the weeks since the con. There are a few samples of their songs on their CD Page, and a few live songs posted to YouTube, though they are of typical amateur-recorded live-show camera-phone sort of quality. I dare you to listen to Make Our or Caravan and not sing along or at least stomp your feet.

Their songs range from melodic drum instrumentals like “Ghost Drum” through the slight political satire in “Yes! I’m French” with detours through gypsy inspired old-west romps in “Sombrero Cabaret.”

From talking a little bit with Samantha and Scott after their show on Saturday, and around their table on Sunday, and watching them on stage, it seemed fairly clear to me they’re having a blast playing their music. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


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