Poll Result for The most Steampunk Southern US city, the ideal Steampunk Skyline, and the new polls…

Posted by 20th December 2010

Well, I’ve been a bit negligent in keeping with the results of the old polls, the current poll, and the two new polls, so lets attend to business….
The first poll was “Which Southern city best represents Steampunk?”  The winner, by an impressive 43% of responses was the beautiful and classic city of New Orleans.  Perhaps its because of its melting-pot culture, its Gallic influences, or its simple old-world charm, but regardless, it took first place in the selection.  Atlanta followed it with 11% of the vote, “Other” was third at 9% (though no specific “other” choices were communicated to me regarding it).  Richmond had 5%, followed by Baton Rouge, Birmingham, and Charlotte with 4%, Tampa and Raleigh followed with 3%, Columbia, Memphis, and Louisville all had 2%, and Nashville, Orlando, Virginia Beach-Norfolk, and Jacksonville all had 1%.  Sadly, Miami received no votes, and avoided being accused of any Steampunk influences.
The poll regarding the amount of “skyline” should be indicative of Steampunk was quite interesting.  From 275 votes (one of the larger participations in the polls), the top choice was that there should be “small differences” in a Steampunk skyscape (say, an airship, or an unusual building could be seen, but the basic Victorian background should be intact) – this choice garnered 55% of the vote (153 selections).  Next of the four choices was “Many Differences” with 35% of the vote, to include obvious airships, Tesla coils (quite vivid, I’d assume), giant steamships), or that the Steampunk signature should be well known.  This was followed by “Completely Different” (e.g. a “floating sky city”, “underwater city”, or something dramatically different), with 8% of the vote, and the least popular choice was “no differences”, or a Steampunk cityscape should essentially be the same as a non-Steampunk cityscape, with 1% of the vote.

The current poll, “Is Seattle the “unofficial” capital of Steampunk”, is detailed further in the entry from the 4th of December (located here), but so far the result has been (of this writing), about 60% stating “yes” and logically, a 40% “no” vote.  There is still about a month and a half to vote, so do tell your friends to stop by and make their voice heard!

(I will post two more intertwined poll questions later this month, so if you happen to be a fan of the written Steampunk word, keep checking here.)


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