Terry Gilliam to direct “1884, Yesterday’s Future”!

Posted by 21st December 2010

The animation test for the production….

The acclaimed director Terry Gilliam, who directed the classic Brazil, and the proto-Steampunk classic Baron Münchhausen, is slated to directed a Steampunk film, titled “1884, Yesterday’s Future”!  More on this as information develops – but for now, please do enjoy the trailer!

The promotion trailer – a bit longer than the animation test
There are some tentative web-connections, such as this website here: http://www.1884yesterdaysfuture.com/, but I am still endeavoring to location more details on the produciton.  Mr. Gilliam did make his official prouncement that he was producing it (via screenrant.com), and Imdb did call it the “First True Steampunk Film”, so time will tell how 1884 will develop!


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