The Barnum’s Dream, in progress…

Posted by 27th December 2010

The TP Barracuda, a concept art project by Mr. Michael Sormann
During Boxing Day, I received an email from Mr. Ed Ross regarding a unique endeavor he has set himself to complete.  His project, a scaled model of the TP Barracuda (pictured above), is an impressive endeavor of Steampunk craftsmanship and ingenuity, with very impressive attention to detail on the small, yet integral parts of the project.
The Barnum’s Dream, by Mr. Ed Ross
Such a project is an impressive endeavor to undertake, and would require an extensive detailing to explain all of the work involved in this project!  Fortunately… Mr. Ross has a blog which not only highlights the mechanical gymnastics involved with this beauty, but the thought process involved in creating the Barnum’s Dream.  To learn more, I most heartily recommend a venture to his blog, located at: !


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