May the force of STEAM be with thee

Posted by 5th January 2011

Good day and howdy. My name is Miss Dorothy Winterman (if you please) and I am the proprietess of a haberdashery called: HATTITUDE- by Dorothy Winterman Designs.  We offer the finest in custom embellished  hats and glasses/goggles for those of the Punk (Steam, Cyber, Diesel) and Neo-Victorian persuasions. Our hats are as unique as you are.  No hats  EVER look the same so you’ll never be embarrassed by having the same exact hat as anyone else attending the same soiree.  We have three (3) sizes of women’s hats: the small hat, the mini hat and the itsy bitsy hat (which can be attached to a ponytail holder as an adorable everyday look sure to inspire awe and awwwww).  We also feature chapeaus por le homme and embellished glasses you will not find anywhere else.  Indeed, we will embellish YOUR hat if you’d like- just ship it to us and you’ll receive an amazing work of art back, minus the shipping costs – of course.  Most non-Steampunked/unembellished Victorian hats will cost you $30 to $70 on selling sites (no really go look- I’ll wait here).  Our CUSTOM embellished hats are between $15 and $65 each- a bargain for wearable art that will last you years into the anachronistic future/past.  We’d love to hear from you, questions, comments, requests or just to drop in for a spot of tea and a fresh-baked scone.  Thank you for looking and may the force of Steam be with thee!

hattitude mini black red white

Are you feeling lucky today?

Artist: Dorothy Winterman – Dorothy Winterman Designs –


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