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Posted by 6th January 2011

As Facebook grows, more Steampunk locations seem to either have an extension of their main existence or exist exclusively on this social medium.  This being the case, I felt that I would attempt to provide a listing of Steampunk locales (and links) of Steampunk places on Facebook.  I made an attempt at locating as many locations as possible, as a simple search for “Steampunk” has a habit of leaving a good number of locations off its listing.

Now, before my website’s emails (or comments) are inundated with “Why isn’t my Steampunk endeavor on your list, damn you!”, please understand that this is quite literally a work in process.  If you read the list, and do not see your group / store / LARP / drinking party (e.g. tea, coffee, Guinness, ect…) on the list (or if I’ve made a miscue on the address), simply send me an email at, and I’ll be more than happy to update this small list!

Steampunk Groups
Arizona Steampunk Consortium
Brass Goggles
Brass Needles Podcast
British Steampunk Community
Central Florida Steampunk Assoc.
Chattanooga Steampunk
Chicago Steampunk
Cleveland Steampunk Group
Colorado Steampunks
Conselho Steampunk (Brazil)
Derby City Steampunk League
Encuentro Steampunk (Spain)
Houston Society of Neo-Victoriana and Steampunkery
Kentucky Steampunk Society
Moroccan Steampunk
New England Steampunk
North Florida Steampunk
North Texas Steampunk
River City Retrofuturists
Royally Steamed
Sociedad SteamPunk (Argentina)
South Florida Steampunk
Steam Punk
Steampunk Canada
Steamupnk en Espanol
Steampunk Fans
Steampunk Fashion
Steampunk Munich
Steampunk New Mexico
Steampunk New Orleans
Steampunk Ottawa
Steampunk Society of Nebraska
Steel City Steam Society
Steampunk Columbia
Toronto Steampunk Society
United Steam Society
Vancouver Island Steampunk
Victoria Steampunk Fashion
Victorian Adventure Enthusiast
VSteam: The Steampunks of Vancouver
Wichita Steampunk
Wisconsin Neo-Victorian and Steampunk Association
1899 – Last Year of the Century

Merchants and Events
Art of Adornement
Bijoux by Gaslight
Badlands Brand
Clockwork Cabaret
Le Monocle (France)
Penny Dreadful Productions
Rise of Aester
Seattle Steampunk Film Festival
Steampunk Convention
The Aethernauts
The Amazing Screw on Head
The Anachronism Guild
The Boilerplate Historical Society
The Dominion Dispatch
The Five Fists of Science
The Gatehouse
The Steampunk Club
The Steampunk Tribune
The Steampunk World’s Fair
Vernian Process
Victoriana Online Magazine
Victorian Steam Exposition
Victorian Style
Victorian Trading Company

(Ed. Note – I’ll be adding a link-list to these on both the Steampunk Tribune and the Steampunk Links, as soon as Blogger decides to play nice with my coding – thank you in advance for your patience!)


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