The Best of 2010 Steampunk Facebook Awards

Posted by 13th January 2011

Unlike those interesting individuals who can predict the future on SyFy, one never knows what may happened day-to-day.  When I aroused from indulging on my extended hours (in the real world), I received an email informing me of The Best of 2010 Steampunk Facebook Awards… I checked the address, went to the site, and discovered that The Steampunk Tribune had been awarded the “Best of 2010 Steampunk News Award”!
In addition to receiving the award, there is an outstanding list of additional recipients, so of which I’m familiar with, such as…
Best Blog Award – Multiculturlaism for Steampunk (at:
Best Convention – World Steam Expo (at:, and 
… along with a number of sites and individuals I was not familiar with, such as the award for Best Spats – Morrigan New York (at: – (Spats? Outstanding!  I’ve been looking for a pair, as my old “Great Lakes” ones are pretty much at their retirement point – seriously…)
The list is quite impressive, and I would certainly suggest a visit to the entire list of awardees!  To see said list, please turn to:
Additionally, my thanks to all the visitors and regular readers for the support and patronage of this small yellow virtual fish-wrapper!
(Editor’s Note: I will be updated the Facebook Listing over the long weekend – so my thanks to all who have visited and provided more Facebook groups and addresses!)


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