Map Cabinet

Posted by 26th January 2011

My husband Ben collects antique maps. Since no one would ever call us minimalists, this means we have a *lot* of maps. For years we’ve been browsing eBay and antique stores, looking for a map cabinet to store all of these maps in. We haven’t had much luck. Nice looking wood antique ones tend to be very expensive (and often not in functional enough shape). Metal ones are a bit too modern industrial looking. Nothing is “just right.”

Recently, however, I stumbled across these two pieces and thought they might do. They are part of the “Martha Stewart Living Craft Space” collection at a site called Home Decorator’s.

I worry about the “scratch resistant coating” on the top (just what does that mean???) and would like to see the quality first, but these might be an option.

How would you make them more steampunk? Paint? New hardware? (I like the idea of black paint and bin pulls with labels.)


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