Steampunk Events for February, 2011

Posted by 30th January 2011

As the 2011 continues, there appears to be a very full slate of events throughout it – with the quantity of these increasing this month.  I’ve included a few below, but if I have missed an event, please do let me know so I might be able to get the word out to “all hands”!

February 4th – TempleCon 2011 (Warwick, RI) – Feb 4

February 4th – Nickel Children Screening @ Zeitgeist (New Orleans)

February 4th-6th – Steampunk Theater and Illusion Show (Franklin, PA)

February 9th – A Night of Cello Bows and Feminine Woes (London)

February 11th – My Broken Valentine: The Davenport Follies (Pittsboro, NC)

February 12th – Les Voyages Extrordinaire (San Diego)

February 12th – The Clockwork Ball (Pittsboro, NC)

February 13 – The Rose City Steampunk Film Festival

February 25th to 27th – AnachroCon 2011: The Southern Steampunk Symposium (Atlanta)       

Though this is a small tidbit of events taking place, if you would care for a more comprehensive schedule of Steampunk events, I would certainly recommend a visit to the Events page of the Steampunk Empire, located here:


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