Sailing the aether…Steampunk airships!

Posted by 4th February 2011

Below is an airship I created for a Steampunk themed new bookstore called Off The Beaten Path in Farmington, Michigan, USA. I was commissioned to do the piece by a friend of mine who is an interior designer. Creating a look of viability and yet Victorian aged splendor was both a pleasure and a challenge, but lots of fun too!

This ship employs my favorite medium, which is paper…particularly mache, and also uses many other recycled/repurposed materials, including plastic pieces, metal, corrugated cardboard, copper wire, etc. I love steampunk, but I have an even deeper need to use materials that would otherwise be trash. I guess in this case, it’s using old materials to create older artwork!

I have several other airships in various stages of production at this point, each a little (or a lot) different than the others, but all will be exciting to see and I promise to post them here as well as on my own blog (below).

Sailing the Aether!

Full steam ahead!

Artist: Stephan J. Smith – Artsmith Craftworks –


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