Steampunk Video Chair

Posted by 11th February 2011

When you can combine the best of all worlds, why wouldn’t you? This piece is one that I finished last week that incorporates several of my interests/passions.

First, I love the entire Steampunk genre and I tried to give this video chair a bit of a steam look without overdoing it. The brown covering has a leather or suede look (even though it’s paper) and the gears just complete the feel.

Second, I’ve always wanted to design and build a video chair that was not only cool looking, but was good for your back. Many of you know that while I’ve been an artist my whole life, I’m also a Doctor of Chiropractic, so making a chair that was ergonomic was a pleasure and even a duty.

“Steampunk Video Chair”

Lastly…near and dear to my heart is the fact that the entire piece is constructed of recycled/upcycled/repurposed materials. The shape and structure of the chair is made of cut out and laminated corrugated cardboard, which is cross-supported with six thick-walled cardboard mailing tubes that I’d been saving. All glued together, this piece is very strong and pretty light weight! I then used newspaper papier mache to cover the laminated corrugated, then went over that with a mache of torn brown scrap craft paper. The tubes are covered with old paper company swatchbook samples in red and there’s a small, flat chunk of cement in the seat for weight balance, (I poured this as a mosaic stepping stone base, but never used it). The padding on the chair is factory scrap foam punch-outs in a cylindrical shape that I cut in half lengthwise and covered in scrap drapery fabric. The bottom edges are covered with scrap, rubbery foam to make the chair non-skid and to protect it.

The chair is very comfortable, supports your neck and low back properly and rocks a bit. GREAT for watching movies!

Artist: Stephan J. Smith – Artsmith Craftworks, Swartz Creek, Michigan, USA –


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