Caravan, Rush’s Steampunk Video

Posted by 15th February 2011

Visual mediums applied to music are particular impressive, as seen by the growing number of recording artists incorporating Steampunk imagery into the video accompanying their music.  When I saw the legendary rock group Rush display their work for the single “Caravan”, it did raise an eye to see a very well know rock group inject a good bit of Steampunk into their work.  Additionally, this song is projected to be part of their upcoming studio album, titled “Clockwork Angles”, which will be released later this year.  Not sure *exactly* how much Steampunk will be part of this release, but again, it certainly bodes well for the growth of the genre, as a growing number of established artists begin to pass an eye over Steampunk!   For more information about Rush, do consider a visit to the website, which contains more information about their current road trip, “The Time Machine Tour”, and background on their extensive career (e.g. 14 Platinum records, 24 Gold records, 3rd best selling rock band of all time, and more), at:


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