A question on the future (with poll)…

Posted by 3rd March 2011

Readers! With spring comes a question: should this weblog transmogrify into something else?

And by that, I mean: should the Steampunk Librarian move to a page on Facebook, like so many others of its ilk? Would you follow along and join in over there? Posts would be shorter and more spread out, of course. Giveaways and reviews would appear there as well!

Or shall we just stay put, and go forward into the future as we are?

The choice is up to you! An anonymous poll is below; mark your vote. Many thanks.


What do you, the reader, think?

   Onward to Facebook — I shall follow!
   Stay right where you are, madam!
  Why not do both?
  I have a brilliant plan which I will outline below!


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