Datamancer’s “Mosunov” Project Rifle – Part 2 of ?

Posted by 15th March 2011

I finally got around to taking some pics of the Mosunov with the 8x POSP scope on it. I bought a POSP SVD-style side mount that was made for the Mosin, drilled and tapped the receiver and mounted it to the M39 action (I had to fight a little twinge of guilt while making that first hole in the Finn receiver, but hopefully this will be a little better than your average “Bubba” hackjob rifle).

The scope sits WAAAAY off to the left in this configuration, which is actually perfect for me because I’m right-handed, yet left-eye-dominant, but I’m confused as to how your average right-right shooter is supposed to use the scope in this configuration.
It works for me though so I guess that’s all that matters here.



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