Steampunk Events, March 18th through 20th, 2011

Posted by 18th March 2011

The big event in the RL Steamlands is ALL-CON, in Dallas, TX, starting today (in fact, they are already an hour or so into the gathering), and running until Sunday.  Though it isn’t a dedicated Steampunk event, it does appear to have Steampunk elements to it, so if you happen to be in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, do make it a point of visiting!  For more information, please visit:

Although San Francisco is best known for its Victorian homes, the beautiful town of Port Townsend in Washington state has an amazing collection of classic Victorian home, comprising both renovated and original structures.  After a year long absence, the Port Townsend Victorian Festival has returned (so I’m told)!  This being said, I’ve been unsuccesful in locating a working url for further information regarding the event, but even so, one dosen’t need a website to hop in the car and visit the stunning structures (such as the Ann Starrett Mansion, picured above), so if one wishes to simply pay a visit, I would recommend a quick visit to some of the below locations for a hidden gem of Victorian architecture…

The original Port Townsend Victorian Festival link (perhaps it’ll return…) – www.­victorianfestiva­l.­org
PT Guide –
Port Townsend History –
Port Townsend’s Wiki –,_Washington
… and a bit on the Ann Starrett Mansion (well done, and well worth the visit!) –


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