Stunning Steampunk Fabrics from Spoonflower

Posted by 22nd March 2011


The other day I was contacted by a Miss VO, who specializes in unique fabric designs.  I was intrigued at the idea, but was completely amazed at how innovative the work is!  The site on Spoonflower (a location that focuses on custom material) is a wealth of inspiration, especially if one is a tailor or handy with  a needle and thread.  If this area is a set of expertise of yours, I might suggest a trip over to Miss VO’s location at Spoonflower, and take a look at the array of very impressive works there!
Additionally, once you’ve flexed your plastic at her location, I might suggest a peek at other individuals who have Steampunk designs at Spoonflower, specifically at:
and Victorian inspired-designs here:
(My thanks to VO for the lead – Kudos!)


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