Steampunk is Dead… Long Live Hipster!

Posted by 1st April 2011

It has come to our attention here at Wings of Steam that Steampunk is no longer “cool.” In order to retain readers, we have been forced to move on to the next big trend. Therefore, as of today, Wings of Steam is now a hipster blog.

We feel this transition will come natural, as hipster and steampunk both share many indie elements. While we cannot make the claim of being a hipster blog “before Hipster was cool,” our current readers will have the advantage of being able to say, “I read Wings of Steam before it was Hipster,” which will be sure to impress their buddies.

Stay tuned:

  • Later this week we will feature a tutorial on how to strip down your goggles and re-mold them into thick rimmed glasses.
  • Next week we will have a tutorial on how to motorize your penny farthing.


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