Reinventions at Thomasville

Posted by 28th April 2011

I’ve got a special surprise today — Elisa Johnson is a reader who has an eagle eye for steampunk finds; today we have a post on one of her recent finds.
Ladies and Gents, I think we may have hit the mainstream.  Shocked and pleased to see Thomasville’s new line called  Reinventions.
The line must be targeted right as us with a name like “Boulton and Watt Flip top Sofa Table”
It’s a 36x60x20 sofa table by day but can be completely altered to become a quaint dining table for 4 at night.
Reinventions - Apprentice Adjustable Activity Table
Apprentice Adjustable Activity Table transforms from 20” high coffee table to a 30” high breakfast table. 
My personal favorite is the “Reliance Pharmacy” which would make a fabulous Cabinet of Curiosities or My New Bar.


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