Game Save!

Posted by 9th May 2011

I know this is a bit out of the norm for this site, but as it IS building something outside standard systems, I suppose that's a sort of Steampunk, right? Just instead of atoms, we're using bits. – Willow

GameSave is a 5-week competition in which teams build a demo and working concept for a game which addresses disaster mitigation.

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about games and their meaning. Can games be art? Can games be educational? Are they merely escapist? Regardless of the manner in which these matters are debated, and the examples cited, it really comes down to one answer to all of these questions: It depends on the game.

Good is relative. Sometimes, it’s “good” if games can be used to teach maths to a child who is struggling at school. Sometimes it’s “good” if games can merely provide a bit of distraction for an overworked assistant.

But what if we could use a game to mitigate natural disasters?

To that end, GameSave!

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