Giveaway Week Continues: The Rise of the Iron Moon

Posted by 10th May 2011

It's Day 2 of Giveaway Week, and today we're featuring Rise of the Iron Moon by Stephen Hunt. In a happy coincidence, Hunt's book was mentioned yesterday in a Wall Street Journal article about steampunk literature!


The Rise of the Iron Moon by Stephen Hunt (Tor Books)

In Middlesteel, the river takes everything. And it takes in everything as it flows, sensing people running in the shadows, political forces massing just out of sight, and magic and steam working alongside each other.


Middlesteel is the capital of Stephen Hunt's Kingdom of the Jackals, and The Rise of the Iron Moonis the third book to take place in his Jackelian world. The series is now up to six books (released in the UK first before making their way over to the US) and, while not a linear series, has many recurring characters and plotlines in each volume.


First off, I admit that I hadn't read the previous books in the series before opening The Rise of the Iron Moon, and so felt as if I hit the ground running at a high speed. I'm told this is a trademark of all the books in the series, however — the action comes fast and furious and with many tangents sparking off in different directions. It's a wild ride and one that immerses you at once in the world of the Jackals, the Quatershifts, and other nations that may extend beyond what anyone imagines. In Hunt's books, robotic technology and magic exist side by side; steam-powered machinery is driven by people with powerful visions, while politicians use any advantage they can find to advance their causes. There's something in The Rise of the Iron Moonfor everyone — especially for those of a steampunk bent.


We have a beautiful hardcover edition of The Rise of the Iron Moon to give away! We're going to get a little creative on this one. To enter the contest, post a comment below and explain (or fabricate) your theory on ley lines, which are often mentioned in the Jackelian series. (The Wikipedia entry is a little iffy; here's another site which details the history of the ley lines theory.) Are ley lines bunk? Are they magnetic? Are they a guide map for aliens? Are they something else entirely? We'll take any explanation below. All entries will be put into a top hat and the winning entry will be drawn at random (perhaps by a snarky steampunk puppet). The deadline for entering the contest is 11:59 pm EST Friday, May 27; we'll hold the drawing sometime over Memorial Day weekend and post the winner straight away. Good luck!


(More information on The Rise of the Iron Moon is available via Tor/Macmillan; Stephen Hunt twitters as SFCrowsNest and has a website of the same name.)


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