Captain Nemo selected for the sequel to the classic 20,000 Leagues under the Sea

Posted by 18th May 2011

Mr. Hugh Bonneville, from Masterman (from Murder on the Orient Express)

Well, first off, its good to see that a small independent company has taken the lead from the Disney mega-conglomerate in producing what may end up being a good Steampunk production.  There is still quite a bit that is up in the air about this endeavor, including the questioning comment that it will be in “3-D” (not necessarily why I’d see a movie, but then again, its a sequel to 20K Leagues under the Sea regardless).  Nonetheless, it may provide good exposure to the genre, and ideally improve its exposure in a positive way (vice the Steampunk nay-sayers which are quite in vogue as of late).

However, when the announcement of the individual who was selected to play the legendary fictional character of Captain Nemo, my first thought (as an American) was…”who”?  Which was followed by… “I thought he was supposed to be an Indian fellow” (my understanding from the novels, anyway).  I’m certain that Mr. Bonneville is a fine actor and all, but as a curmudgeonly Steampunk quasi-purist, I would have thought that a choice more reflective of the book would have been made.  I would hardly call myself politically correct, but in The Mysterious Island (the sequel Mssr. Verne penned after 2KLUS), Captain Nemo reveals himself as Prince Drakkar, son of the Hindu Raj of the Kindgom of Bundlekund.  Well, here’s hoping that Mr. Bonneville portrays my favorite Captain with the dignity and good seamanship one of Steampunk’s greatest fictional figures merits!

Oh, and bit more on the press announcement and the movie…

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