Vintage Transport?

Posted by 15th June 2011

Although not strictly Steampunk, vintage transport is a passion of mine.

I’ve recently found myself somewhat disappointed that a lot of the Steampunk vehicles out there appear to be fairly modern cars modified with the ubiquitous brass and wood, as opposed to older vintage vehicles.  Fantastic though a lot of them look, they just don’t have the same appeal to me as pre-war vintage vehicles.  Now I know that cars taking advantage of an internal combustion engine aren’t steampunk by very definition, however as we come to the end of the Oil Age, I hope others will look back on these soon-to-be anachronisms with the fondness that I do.

I personally favour a two seater roadster, such as the Swift QA (below).

1926 Swift QA Two Seater

Do any other Steampunk enthusiasts share my love of vintage cars?



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