A plea from Mouse

Posted by 23rd June 2011

If any of you are gamers, or if you just want to help me, out, please please go here (facebook) and/or here (DriveThruRPG) and vote for Sepia. I entered in a character writing contest, and am close to winning! If I win, I get a custom portrait of my character and an Android Tablet.

I solemly pledge to use them for Steampunkery. Thank you very much!

The reason I’ve not posted recently is that my computer died, taking with it all my custom brushes, stock art, and the filters I had written. Mightily depressing, I’ll tell you. Lost all of my original PDS files of the wallpapers, too. Which sucks. I have the harddrive, and we’re going to attempt to forensic some data off it, but I’m not hopeful.

But! There is hope! New PC is up and running, Photoshop installed, slowly getting my chops back. I SHALL RETURN!

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