personality types in the steampunk cities

Posted by 8th May 2012

Unlacing the Victorians has some nice summaries of the recent Steampunk Empire Symposium, among other great posts!



If you’re looking for more steampunk convention fun, fear not – Waltham, Massachusetts becomes an International Steampunk City this weekend. Many thanks to the Sparkle Queen for sending on this news! (One of these years I will attend. I will also meet the Sparkle Queen then and the world will explode for reasons too complicated to explain here, so really, it’s for your own good that I will not be there.)



The Steampunk Tribune webmaster continues his yeoman’s work of chronicling the many steampunk-related Facebook pages out there on the aetherweb.



A lengthy examination of personality types and steampunk archetypes yields some interesting results!



And lastly, the renewed interest in handmade crafts (a strong aspect of steampunk) is explored in a Der Spiegel article.



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