Giveaway Contest – The Rise of Ransom City

Posted by 19th February 2013

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest for The Steam Mole  – check back soon for the giveaway drawing video!


This week’s giveaway is a real treat: The Rise of Ransom City  by Felix Gilman.




In October 2010, we gave away a copy of Felix Gilman’s The Half-Made World,  an intense and sprawling tale (see the review here and the giveaway here).  The Rise of Ransom Cityis not so much a sequel as a parallel tale set in the same world. Framed as a collection of autobiographical scraps put together by a newspaper editor, the book tells the story of Harry Ransom, a fast-talking charmer who creates the Ransom Process, an inexplicable (and often unpredictable) means of generating light. Liv Alverhuysen and John Creedmore from The Half-Made World  make a brief appearance as Ransom details his adventures attempting to make his fortune with the Process. Also prevalent in Ransom’s story is the ongoing war between the Gun and the Line, which threatens to swallow up the country as it expands ever westward.


The Rise of the Ransom City,  while quite different than The Half-Made World, is just as dense and layered a book as its predecessor. Harry Ransom may not be the most reliable narrator, and readers may wish for some more mentions of what went on in the previous book, but Gilman’s latest is another fascinating look at the weirder western edge of this literary country.


We have one copy of The Rise of Ransom City  to give away, and it’s a lovely hardback copy at that! To enter the giveaway, post a comment below and tell us your favorite invention of the 19th or 20th century. (This means that “the wheel” doesn’t count, but “Coca-Cola” does, for instance.) The deadline for entries is Sunday, February 24th. Good luck!


More information on The Rise of Ransom City, including an excerpt, can be found on Tor’s website.


More information on Felix Gilman can be found on his website and his Twitter page.



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