About Us

Steampunk News brings you the latest news and links from the top Steampunk sites around the globe, and it doesn’t even take eighty days.

The intention of this site is to serve as a portal to consolidate the latest news from the top Steampunk, Victoriana and Dieselpunk sites on the web in one location, in order to allow friendly viewing in a single browser window. All our posts link back to the original article on the poster’s blog.

Our contributors’ own sites can be found in the Contributors section to the top left of the page. Below that you will find some of the best Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Victoriana links on the web, including shops, forums, literature, art and definitions of terms.

Steampunk News is now part of the Steampunk University Network, and provides news to all University members as well as to subscribers of this site.

What does that mean to me?” I hear you ask.  “Very little” is my reply.  You may see some changes to the theme and additional links, but we have no plans to change the way we deliver news to you.

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