Herr Döktors Emporium!

| 18th June 2014

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the call of commerce has finally been answered, and a range of miniature Rayguns in shiny English pewter are now available from my on-line emporium! Merely click on the above banner and be transported to such delights as the METROPOLIS raygun:    As used in Middle-Europe during THAT unpleasantness, or the […]


| 7th September 2013

 As seen above, my celestial sphere is on the cover of this salubrious publication, and leads the series of highly informative and entertaining articles therein, each one being about these magnificent creations and how they were constructed. You can take a look at some of the book here, and order it here. Do have a […]


| 22nd August 2013

Those nice people at ‘The Collection’ in Lincoln, are hosting an Exhibition of Steampunk Art in the lead up to the ASYLUM in September: “A Steampunk exhibition including works from the Victorian Steampunk Society in conjunction with the Asylum Festival. The Victorian Steampunk Society will be running a Steampunk Art Exhibition through August, building up […]

Herr Döktor’s World Tour Of Britain, well, England.

| 19th July 2013

I’m going to be on the road in the coming months, travelling around England with some of my incredible inventions! GEEKFEST The first stop is the Nineworlds Geekfest at the Radisson and Renaissance hotels near London Heathrow, from August 9th-11th: I’ll be there to answer awkward questions about making and fabricating things, along with my […]


| 8th March 2013

I’m very pleased to say I will be exhibiting at the Leeds Steampunk Market at Left Bank Leeds this weekend, do pop along and say “Hello!” More information here:  Leeds Steampunk Market

Herr Doktor Steampunk IS NOT Herr Döktor’s Laboratory!!

| 26th January 2013

It has come to my notice, in the last few days, that an enterprising individual is selling items under the name of “Herr Doktor Steampunk”: note the absence of the umlaut in his title; this is not me, nor are his items made by me- they have a website that comes up after this blog […]

The “Gentleman’s Comfort”

| 10th January 2013

A variation on Lady Raygun’s “Lady Raygun”, may I present the “Gentleman’s Comfort”- a copper-coloured raygun with style and panache:   This pistol comes in an antique wooden box, with a screw on flash suppressor, and two tools. And here it is, all together, in it’s glory: As usual, there is a label to explain […]

Herr Döktor’s Laboratory- OPEN FOR BUSINESS

| 25th October 2012

It’s coming up to Christmas, and Hallowe’en is almost upon us, so, why not commission me (Herr Döktor) to make a unique item for someone close to you? Rayguns and gadgets a speciality, miniatures of vast machines a pleasure, contact me at: herrdoktorslab@aol.com with your requirements, and I will contact you forthwith with terms and […]

Rocket Man

| 24th October 2012

  It’s strange, isn’t, the way that certain things crop up at the same time, take, for instance, the day I started making my Rocket Back Pack, at exactly the same time, a number of other makers around the world were doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING… So, without further ado, here is my ‘take’ on […]

Embroidered badges (or patches) in My Etsy Emporium!

| 20th September 2012

I’ve finally got some special insignia produced for you lovely people, and they are available in my Etsy Shop, first up is the classic “Herr Döktor’s Laboratory ” logogram, in exquisite black and white:   Herr Döktor’s Laboratory Embroidered badge Next is the “Minion (First Class)”* badge, which you may wear with pride, knowing that […]