Link of Interest: Article on “The Convert,” by Danai Gurira

| 18th February 2012

NPR has an article interviewing Danai Gurira, a Zimbabwe-American woman who spent most of her childhood in Harare, and whose latest play The Convert explores the psychological impact of colonialism.  Imperialism didn’t just happen materially, through military conflict and through ruthless greedy treaties. Earlier this week, I attended a talk on the psychic portrait of […]

Black Sister, My Sister

| 17th February 2012

So, intra-POC prejudice and racism exists. It is a thing, an actual thing. It is pernicious, in the U.S./Canada it is often a symptom of white supremacy where we all fight according to the rules set by whiteness to judge each other and find each other wanting. This occurs despite a long history of inter-POC […]

Racist Things Steampunks Are Not Immune To: Aversive Racism

| 16th February 2012

I talk a lot about racism in my work, not least because, uh, part of why I get pretty fucking angry about colonialism and whatnot is because the histories of colonialism that many POC live with today are the foundation for systemic racism that exists today. It’s gotten to the point where I am kind […]

Con or Bust! 2012 Auction has Opened

| 11th February 2012

Con or Bust!, the fundraiser that helped me get to WisCon34 back in 2010, has now opened for bidding on its various items! I also has an item up for bidding: The Steampowered Globe. If you would like to get a copy of this Singaporean steampunk anthology delivered to you personally from me and donate […]

Happy Anniversary to El Investigador!

| 11th February 2012

El Investigador, a Spanish-language steampunk magazine, recently released its 12th issue! There’s steampunk in French, and in Portuguese, and now steampunk is growing in Spanish-speaking communities!  Given the ethnocentrism that can occur in steampunk (and a recent Facebook kerfuffle involving some “opinion” that invited a great deal of racist raa-raa-USA nonsense), #steampunkchat hosts, of which I […]

Link of Interest: Slavery and the Origins of Racism, by Lance Selfa

| 7th February 2012

Via Tumblr, an article at the International Socialist Review on the origins of racism in capitalist-driven slavery. The article tackles a few misconceptions: 1) That Marx’s analysis was only about class and ignores race. (I’ve been guilty of assuming this, having read bits and pieces of his writing.) Marx very insightfully pointed out the links […]

Steampunk POC: Stephanie Lai (Australian-Malaysian-Chinese)

| 3rd February 2012

I do not actually remember how I got to know Stephanie! We have, however, frequently exchanged words about being Malaysian, and being Malaysian-Chinese. We both vied for a spot in Crossed Genres’ Eastern issue (she won with The Last Rickshaw!) and now we both have stories in Steam-Powered 2: More Lesbian Steampunk Stories! She hails […]

Event of Interest: Anna Chen Presents “Traders” Feb 16

| 31st January 2012

I had the honour of having British-Chinese comedienne Anne Chen drop in on this here little blawg to plug an upcoming event in Greenwich, UK! It’s a Steampunk Opium Wars extravaganza, at the Greenwich National Maritime Museum, where there will be song and poetry about the Opium Wars, and folks playing historical figures from the […]

Link of Interest: A Letter from a Freed Man

| 31st January 2012

While I’m still in Malaysia and not yet writing new posts, have a link. It’s a letter from Jourdan Anderson, a former slave who moved to Ohio after he was emancipated, responding to his former master, Colonel P.H. Anderson, who wanted Jourdan to come back. Jourdan responded by dictating possibly the best fuck-you letter in […]

Happy Lunar New Year!

| 23rd January 2012

So this post is scheduled way in advance since I probably am not going to have Internet connectivity at all this day, for reasons of Holidaying With The Nuclear Family. I am probably somewhere in the vicinity of the African continent at the moment (I believe our destination is South Africa), but I thought I […]