The Final Edition of the Steampunk Tribune

| 13th November 2013

My home in the Steamlands, New Babbage Travel photo #3,  by Mr. A.E. Cleanslate Yes, the header is correct. After much deliberation and consultation, I’ve decided to end the run of the Steampunk Tribune, one of the genre’s longest running continuous blogs.  It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but after six plus-ish years of […]

Kickstarter funding for the history of Victorian Taxidermy and Mr. Walter Potter..

| 11th July 2013

A bit late to this Kickstarer event, which fortunalty met its funding request, but if one is intersted, there is still six days (as of this writing) regarding a biography of one of the best known anthropomorphic taxidermists of the Victorian era, Mr. Walter Potter!  I shan’t belabor a narrative, especially since the web locale […]

Steampunk Music: Mansara “In The Begining”!

| 8th July 2013

Getting back to posting after my unfortunately diversion, I’ve come across what may very easily be (for my money) the best Steampunk video of 2013!  The lovely Ms. Mansara has not only produced an entrancing song with a Steampunk bent (albeit my French is not what one would consider fluent), the graphics and imagery of […]

Steampunk Merchants: Spyder Deisgns!

| 5th July 2013

Photo courtsey of Brilliant My apologies (yet again) for the recent disspearance, but I did received word of an excellent Steampunk merchant endeavor, Spyder Designs!  Ms. Morrigana Towsend-Pehlke has a growing endeavor with a cacophany of Steampunk items, so I’d certainly recommend a visit and view her works!  To do so, please visit:

Copper begins Season 2 tonight!

| 24th June 2013

Now that I’m back from my small journey to the northwest, I’m a tad behind with my entries – including the new season of Copper!  Not as Steampunk as I might have liked, but then again, that wasn’t the main focus of the series.  Still, the period pieces, attire, and atmosphere are outstanding, so if […]

The Order: 1886 trailer released at E3

| 14th June 2013

     Ahoy!  My apologies for the lack of updates, as my travels on the road have limited my postings, but a new Steampunk-themed release for the PS4 was announced at E3, and it looks to be an outstanding work!  The Order: 1886 is a projected release for the PS4 with a very unique […]

J&J Miracle Mead – a new Steampunk endeavor!

| 6th June 2013

I was contacted by the good gentlemen from J&J Miracle Meadery regarding their new endeavor, Miracle Mead!  As a previous micro-brewer back in the day, I can certainly appreciate the hard work that goes into producing delicious beverages, and one might ask about the nexus between Steampunk and Mead (not that there really needs to […]

The Wall Stree Journal review of … Baritsu (or the “Sherlock Holmes way of self-defense”)!

| 31st May 2013

Over the years I have penned a few articls on the genre martial art of Baritsu, but the Wall Street Journal had a very nice and informative article over the practice (which was demonstrated at the Steampunk World’s Fair earlier this year).  To take a peek at the proceedings, please visit the article at this […]

SWAG needs your help!

| 27th May 2013

Running a bit behind on my blog entries due to (yet again) RL issues, but after checking my email, I’m unfortunatly remiss in a pressing matter.  The Steampunk Writer & Author’s Guild (SWAG) is currently experiencing a bit of a financial crossroads at the moment – specifially with the SWAG Ning.  Having experience with the […]

DIY Steampunk goggles at Makerfaire…

| 23rd May 2013

A nice little, if albeit rough video of some creative endeavors regarding the work towards personalizing a nice pair of goggles at the 2013 Makerfaire.  Not all process may apply towards your own work, but it is intersting to watch – do enjoy!