The Deadliest Game – steampunk space adventures!

| 22nd May 2012

For those who like their space adventure both steamy and retro, the future is looking positively marvellous!  Remember Dr Grordbort’s Infallible Aether Oscillators, and the excellent infomercials from my previous post?  Well, now you can see them in action in this amazing short film, featuring Lord Broadforce, his batman Caruthers, and reporter Ms Millicent Middlesworth […]

To go boldly – should we build the ‘Enterprise’?

| 15th May 2012

Fed up with lack of momentum on the Space Programme? Disillusioned with the reality of the 21st Century compared to what we were promised? Want to know how to build the USS Enterprise? Nip over to Strange Undisciplined Dreams of Great Things to find out about the ambitious project to build the first starship – […]

Tomorrow’s World Today – the primer for Clockwork Watch

| 4th May 2012

Stuck for something to do for the Bank Holiday weekend in London? Well, you could take a trip down to London Bridge for the amazing immersive theatre experience, Tomorrow’s World Today.   Recreating a Victorian street scene in a tunnel under London Bridge station,  Tomorrow’s World Today is the primer to Clockwork Watch, an immersive participatory story set […]

Steampunk authors, bedtime stories, and theatre!

| 26th April 2012

Once more into the lesser explored reaches of the aethernet! In the past two years, steampunk fiction has become part of the mainstream, with thousands of anthologies, novels, and online narratives, to say nothing of how steampunk has filtered into the Hollywood movie production line (need I mention the Sherlock Holmes re-boot?).  With the proliferation […]

European Steampunk Convention

| 25th April 2012

Ah, the product of the fevered imaginings of Marcus Rauchfuss! Plans for the first pan-European Steampunk Convention plough full steam ahead through the aether. The goal of EuroSteam is to create a steampunk event literally spanning the whole continent 29-30 September 2012. The steampunk scene is active in Europe, with local, regional and in some […]

Graphically novel – space themed steampunk genius

| 3rd February 2010

And so, steampunk ventures deeper into the world of comics.I have spoken before of the joys of Freakangels, which continues its weekly update every Friday – currently, figures from the past are causing ruckus in Whitechapel as the rain pours. If you’ve not experienced that Friday feeling, get over to Warren Ellis’s site! Previously, Mr […]

Online steampunk fiction, novels, writing ad infinitum

| 24th November 2009

I really should come up with a proper title for these updates on steampunk fiction on the web. Anyway, about time we had another rummage around the aethernet for new fiction and new authors.First up – kids, look away now! – and akin to the wonderfully titled Steamypunk (being the fanciful erotica of a steampunk […]

‘Ultramarines’ WH40K movie in production

| 24th November 2009

Yes indeed! After years of anticipation and frustration, finally, the first Warhammer 40,000 movie – Ultramarines – is in production.Games Workshop (GW) first produced the table-top miniature wargame fantasy version of Warhammer back in the 1980s, creating a futuristic version – Warhammer 40,000 or WH40K – in 1987 (based upon an idea for a Rogue […]

Last chance to appear in ‘Steampunk – the movie’

| 20th November 2009

Those who have inadvertently wandered up this cul-de-sac of the aetherweb previously may have seen the posting upon the marvellously exciting prospect of Steampunk – the Movie.Those of you present on Facebook may be interested to know that the production team have a page which is well worth visiting. As the movie’s homepage illustrates, the […]

20,000 Leagues down…

| 19th November 2009

With many thanks (I think!) to Erasmus, lamentably it looks like the plug has been pulled on Disney’s new 20,000 Leagues under the Sea: Captain Nemo movie. With $10m already spent, and locations and sets about to be built, this seems a bizarre move by new Disney chief Rich Ross.The new movie was originally to […]