Exciting News

| 29th May 2012

Hello all, A little update on the exciting things that are occurring. Firstly, A new website on which will be sold my books, prints, sculptures, curios and all manner of wonderments! Go to http://www.brajjs.com to browse! Alternatively Join our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/groups/brajjs Secondly The Air Kraken book is selling well and we are getting […]

New Gallery Shows

| 6th May 2012

My pleasure to announce I now have pieces in two galleries on the Gloucester road in Bristol. One at the Gallimaufry bar (more to follow soon!) and one at “The Deep End” at what used to be the north Bristol Swimming Baths, Victorian swimming baths now being used as an art gallery. Both are amazing […]

Pre-order page for The Life of the Air Kraken now open!

| 5th April 2012


Upcoming book launch – The Life of the Air Kraken

| 4th April 2012

You may have noticed my absence from the site for awhile. This has been due to the sheer amount that needed doing in part but also due to the very exciting news I am to unveil today. On the 18th of May this year I will be releasing the first in a new series of […]

A New Exciting Project – Come and get involved!

| 25th June 2011

I have started a new and exciting project. As many of you no doubt know I love to write. In my new project I am going to write ten million words. Here’s where you all come in, I am taking suggestions for what to write. A poem for a loved one, a letter to your […]

Apollo’s mask – A New Device from Sydeian Creation’s Black Laboratory

| 20th May 2011

Dear Governors, I now present to you the second item that the “doctors” of the Miskatonic university are outfitted with by their patron, Captain J. B. Sydeian. The Apollo Mask. This mask has been based on the plague doctor masks of the 16th century. Whereas in those dark times the beak of the doctors mask […]

K-1909 – A New Steampunk Version of Dr. Who’s Faithful companion K-9

| 17th May 2011

I have just returned from Waltz on the Wye, Wales’ first Steampunk festival (http://wyewaltz.org) There was a creations exhibit for which I created a new version of my steampunk K-9. Introducing K-1909 I’m also honoured to say that he was voted favourite creation of the festival by festival attendees and public viewers.

Steamgoth – An Introduction

| 7th May 2011

(I have written this article in response to requests for information on steamgoth. It is subject to a Creative Commons licence which means it can be used anywhere you wish as long as it is not changed and I am recognised as the author and this site is linked to i.e. “Article by James Richardson-Brown […]

The Hand of Asclepius – A New Device from Sydeian Creation’s Black Laboratory

| 22nd March 2011

Dear Governors, I have managed to find what limited records remain of the Apollo mask and the hand of Asclepius. It would appear that these devices are medical instruments provided to the medics in order to allow them to treat, in Sydeian’s own words, “The numerous afflictions of body and mind at the touch of […]

Another tale from Sydeian Creations’ Black Laboratory – Steamgoth devices

| 16th March 2011

My next discovery comes alongside a somewhat tragic tale. During my investigations into the box of records I purchased at auction I came across an old leather-bound notebook. The front cover was marked “First Gateway” The newspaper cuttings inside detailed a series of occurrences over the course of three months which I shall summarise here […]