Steampunk is Dead… Long Live Hipster!

| 1st April 2011

It has come to our attention here at Wings of Steam that Steampunk is no longer “cool.” In order to retain readers, we have been forced to move on to the next big trend. Therefore, as of today, Wings of Steam is now a hipster blog. We feel this transition will come natural, as hipster […]

SteamCon II Mini-Report – Review of The Gypsy Nomads

| 3rd December 2010

I will have time for a full con report and pictures and video later, but for now I want to review one of the highlights of the con, for me at least. We caught the tail end of their show Friday night in Mr. Bodewell’s Cabaret, and Captain Julian dubbed The Gypsy Nomads “the best […]

Live, from SteamCon II

| 18th November 2010

This weekend, November 19th, 20th and 21st, is the second SteamCon. I will be there reporting on the happenings from now until the end of the con on Sunday. To receive my live reports, follow our  Twitter account: @Wings_of_Steam. We hope to include pictures from the con, and possibly even a brief interview or two.

The Steampunk Town of Oamaru, New Zealand

| 13th November 2010

I seem to recall recent talk from steampunks who wanted to create their own steampunk town. One place has actually taken the idea to heart. Oamaru, New Zealand, a town which annually celebrates their Victorian heritage, has recently seen the local interest in steampunk skyrocket. Through the effort of the League of Victorian Imagineers, the […]

Veronique Chevalier – Internet Date

| 21st July 2010

I first ran across the always weird Veronique Chevalier at last year’s SteamCon, where I was fortunate enough to catch her rather rousing and brilliantly bizarre rendition of “People are Strange”. Now Mademoiselle Veronique is back, this time with an animated music video dedicated to the pursuit of romance within the realm of the aethernet […]

Personal Experience of Public Perception of Steampunks in Regalia in Normal Life

| 26th May 2010

I have observed a curious phenomena in the years I’ve been donning my steampunk accouterments especially regarding the reactions of “normal” people on the street; there is a critical mass of costume participation that needs to be reached before the public at large will comment on the costumes. I have found the minimum number of […]

Enforce the Laws of Science!

| 4th May 2010

New-ish from Airship Entertainment and designed by Cheyenne Wright (colorist for Girl Genius), it’s the ranger badge for the militant scientist in us all: The Tesla Ranger Badge. Come on, haven’t you always wanted to enforce the laws of Science? (All right, I know, most of you would rather break them, but that’s why we […]

The Great Steampunk Debate

| 2nd May 2010

The Great Steampunk Debate opened yesterday. Hosted by many of the brightest minds of the steampunk subculture, the website serves as a location to discuss steampunk ideology, ranging from politics to fandom to inspirations to 19th century topics. As steampunk continues to grow as a subculture, it will clash more and more with various issues […]

Fan created steampunk LEGO models

| 25th April 2010

Via The Brothers Brick, flickr user CaptainSmog (Amacher Sylvain) shows us some new creations with a definite steampunk flavor. I like the giant robot, but I really dig the tank for some reason. Click through to see the whole gallery. In other news, our good Captain Julian has reminded me that I have blogging ability […]

Bulletin: Air Kraken Awareness Alert!

| 17th March 2010

Today is International Air Kraken Awareness Day, the day on which steampunks around the world have chosen to inform the public of the menace which awaits in the skies. In order for you to be better informed for this task, we at Wings of Steam have prepared the following informational content for you: The first […]