Æther Salon – Coffee! (Unedited Transcript)

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[14:02:13]  Zantabraxus : Greetings, Engacia, Ziggy[14:02:33]  engacia: hello miss zantabraxus[14:02:53]  Cherie Harcassle: yes roller skating can be tricky, especially if one is experimenting with the boot rockets[14:02:59]  ZiggyFritz: Helloha, and thank you, Miss Zantabraxus.[14:03:42]  Wulfriðe Blitzen  : Welcome to the new arrivals, we are giving it a few minutes for some stragglers to make

Æther Salon – Asylums! (Edited Transcript)

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Most of you know me as Beryl Strifeclaw.  I keep the asylum here in New Babbage afloat when I’m not off on some insane quest or other unexpected madness.
Let me begin this by saying how this journey began for me and the reason that I began taking an interest in asylums and mental hospitals, long before I joined SL. It had nothing to do with a fascination with the past.  I met someone who actually

Æther Salon – Asylums! (Unedited Transcript)

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[14:08] Luncheon Plate Mk 2: Have some petit fours.[14:08] Solace Fairlady: The baron is cost cutting again, i am sure they were petit fives last time[14:09] Darlingmonster Ember whispers: :D[14:09] Tepic Harlequin: Grand Eights is better…..[14:09] Stereo Nacht: Good day Ms. Andrea![14:09] Beryl Strifeclaw: Well, I’ll give it another few minutes due to the unusual things going on with getting

It’s October And There’s A Chill In The Air, But The MUSIC Is Still Hot— At Pilsner’s Picks!

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Another dozen sizzling platters to warm up your roost on these increasingly cold evenings of Octo- brrr!

This month I’m featuring one of the most unusual collaborations of the Jazz Age, the very unlikely one between “society” bandleader Leo Reisman and Duke Ellington’s low-down, growling trumpet star Bubber Miley (who was heard on last month’s playlist, wailing with the Duke’s band on their early Victor side “Flaming Youth”).

Miley, along with trombonist “Tricky Sam” Nanton, developed the Ellington outfit’s “jungle music” sound— a term that sounds racist today, but in the days when the Duke and his men were playing for the all-black dance shows at the Cotton Club (with its all-white audiences), it fit perfectly into the club’s whole entertainment concept. Which, yes, was completely “poltically incorrect” by today’s standards. The growling effect was produced with “plunger mutes;” Miley and Nanton had discovered that this sound could be created by using— plain old rubber bathroom plungers as mutes for their horns!

The Leo Reisman Orchestra, on the other hand, was the kind of “sweet” band that the real-life Jay Gatsbys of the time would hire for their elegant parties. Known as “the chamber orchestra of dance bands,” the Reisman ensemble was led by a classically-trained violinist, and played elegant, subdued, refined dance music, which usually had no trace of jazz in it whatsoever, much less the raunchy, definitely black sound of Bubber Miley.

So, how this brief partnership came about is a complete mystery, but it produced two 1930 Victor recordings (the other one is “Puttin’ On The Ritz”), and a Vitaphone sound short starring the Reisman band in a decidedly Ellington-influenced program.

I usually don’t go into so much historical detail about the music that I present, but the Reisman-Miley collaboration is unique and special. Not only for the music itself, but for the enduring enigma of how it happened in the first place!

Oh, and the rest of the playlist is pretty good, too, if I do say so myself…



The Archbishop PC Suite

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This is a PC/LCD/Keyboard/"Mouse" combo built using some of the more attractive design elements of the Gothic school of architecture. The LCD lives inside a scratch-built Gothic arch with quatrefoil designs and stained-glass doors. The PC case features the same Morisco-patterned glass, brass embellishments, a hinged lid for access to the drives and hardware, and soft, ambient red lighting. The third image is a closeup of the beautiful "Morisco"-patterned glass.

This particular computer was sold, but please contact us if you would be interested in having one made for yourself.

The quatrefoil on the LCD arch has a piece of matte brass behind it. The small brass plaque matches the one on the PC case and the LED shines through a small plastic jewel. (The button panel was added at last minute which is why they it is not in the other photos)

Archbishop PC

Archbishop PC

The quatrefoil theme is continued onto the keyboard which also has a wooden faceplate that matches the lighter wood inside the LCD arch.

Archbishop PC

Archbishop PC

quatrefoil theme is continued onto the keyboard which
also has a wooden faceplate that matches the lighter
wood inside the LCD arch.

I had wanted to put the DVD-ROM and buttons in the panels
below the stained glass panels but time and design limits
dictated that I find another solution. I decided to fabricate
this small button panel and mount it inside the case.
The whole panel is removable and the DVD-ROM drive is
mounted on brackets and removable/replaceable/upgradable
if need be.

I think one of the more tasteless trends in PC casemodding lately is
to have big, obnoxious lighting effects spilling out of every
hole in the machine. I wanted my lighting to be as subtle and
ambient as possible so I added these C-shaped brass pieces around
each CCFL bulb to act as both reflectors and blinders. The polished
surface of the brass directs the light back into the case while
the small "walls" block the bulb from being directly
visible through the glass when you look at the Archbishop from
different angles.

tried to make the back as interesting to look at as the
front with…yup…more quatrefoils. Some of you Catholics
may recognize this as the exact mesh used in confessionals.

This antique book serves as the pointer device. Housed inside is a Wacom
drawing tablet that can use either a pen or a mouse. Beneath
the Wacom tablet is a small, felt-lined area to store the pen
and mouse (and other valuables) while not in use. Don’t freak
out, bibliophiles. This book was utterly destroyed before I modded
it. The spine was broken into 3 pieces, both covers were torn
off, and a lot of the pages had crumbled to flakes.


Athlon 64 X2 5000+
Main Features :
bit Dual Core Processor
Per Processor :
x 512KB L2 Cache
DDR2 800 (upgradable to 8G)
Drive :
DL DVD+/-RW Drive
GeForce 8400GS 512MB Video Card
High Definition Audio CODEC
GB Ethernet LAN
Supply :
Watt Power Supply
System :
Vista Home Premium
Included :
Office 2007 [60-Day Trial]
M2A-VM Mainboard
20" Widescreen

Scarf Competition

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Dashing chaps and chilly-necked Chapettes may be interested to learn of our scarf competition.

In the last edition, we featured a plethora of beautiful woollen scarves from Begg & Co, Just Wool Textiles and Malcom Mowat’s, all of whom have offered a competition prize of one of their superlative neck-sheathes.

All one has to do is send us a photograph of oneself, wearing one’s current scarf in an unusual configuration. We’d like to see strange knots, peculiar perforations and singular strangulations.

Three lucky winners will be the snug recipients of one of the scarves mentioned above. So please get knitted and send your photograph to chap@thechap.co.uk

New Am I Chaps Sought

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Despite the obvious grammatical turpitude of this post’s title, we are indeed seeking fellows, ladies, babies and even animals who wish to present their photographs for inspection by our team of sartorial experts.

If you have a new haircut whose accuracy you wish to confirm; a new twirl to your tache, an inherited tweed jacket which you have paired with an old pair of britches, or perhaps an outfit assembled from old hosepipes, The Chap is here to help you decide whether to continue in sartorial splendour, or cease and desist instanter.

The new email address for submissions is chap@thechap.co.uk

The photo shows Darek Bell, who features in the Am I Chap? section of the latest edition. To view previous submissions, visit www.thechap.co.uk/category/am-i-chap

Chap Shop Sale

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Final reductions are still available from our end-of-stock clearance sale.

In October 2016 The Chap Shop will be opening a new on-line emporium of gentlemanly requisites. Until then, to make way for an exciting new range of stock, all currently held items must be sold, so we have reduced most of our prices by half on objects of desire that include pocket squares, back issues, books and CDs. Snap up these last-minute bargains throughout the rest of September by visiting www.thechap.co.uk/shop/sale

Chap Olympiad at Goodwood

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From Friday 9th until Sunday 10th September, the Chap will be hosting a scaled-down, but equally spectacular, version of The Chap Olympiad at Goodwood Revival.

Situated among the luxurious hay bales nestled next to the Beer Tent in the Over the Road area, opposite the main entrance to Goodwood, one will find a team of elegantly dressed chaps and chapettes, ready to instruct the public in the noble arts of Tea Pursuit, Hop Skip and G&T and Umbrella Jousting.

Join us for the civilised mayhem, taking place at 11am, 2pm and 5pm daily over all three days of the festival of vintage car racing, and you could leave Goodwood with more than just the sound of roaring engines in your ears.

There will also be a stall in the same location, selling all the items currently in our on-line sale, including pocket squares, back issues, CDs and books. Snap up these last-minute bargains before a complete re-stock for our new on-line emporium of gentlemanly requisites, opening in October 2016.



The Chap Loves – Spencers Trousers

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While the well-turned ankle of a lady is a pleasure for all eternity, the nude leg of a Chap has more in common with pulled pork than the shimmering delight of a Michelangelo sculpture. The unsheathed shank is a reckless fellow, falling upon the chattering classes like an Assyrian horde, scattering children, disheveling ladies and confusing pets.

But this anarchic activity can be mastered. All that is required are trousers. With a modicum of thought and a peck of effort, one can reach an outcome that marries both utilitarian necessity and the demands of good taste. But simply stretching your legs in the direction of the local High Street and hoping for the best is certain to return you home with a face full of sorrow and a bag full of regret. Such is the nature of ‘off-the-peg’ clothing: built for an industry average that isn’t you, they trail compromise in their wake.

Yet the road to well-trousered salvation is neither so rocky to travel nor difficult to uncover. Cupped in the calloused hands of the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire are Spencers Trousers. For almost a century, Spencers have been offering a solution to a Chap’s sartorial woes in the form of made-to-measure trews, hand-cut, built to last, and at a price that would draw a blush from your average pair of fashion kecks. When Reggie Spencer first set up the company, as the dust was beginning to settle on the ruins of the First World War, he had a mind to produce cloth for a newly minted aeronautical industry. But this moment had passed almost before his idea took shape, for plane design and power had moved on apace, with aluminium becoming the aircraft covering of choice. One dream crushed, but another, slightly more prosaic ambition, took its place. Trousers.

If you stroll along to the Spencers factory, at the Friendly Works in the hamlet of Friendly, you’ll be met by Nigel, the pantaloon king, who will talk you through the process, record your dimensions, then set you free on the cutting room floor to pick your material and choose your style. You can even take in a pair of ‘old faithfuls’ which, having coughed up their last, Spencers will endeavor to recreate. However, should a day out in an area once known as Fustianopolis – due to the volume of fustian cloths, like corduroy and moleskin, produced – prove a little distant, you can, like many others, send or phone in your measurements, choose your cloth, and a week later a pair of slacks, built only for you, will be sent out.